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Children of the Whales, Vol. 1

My first manga ARC!! I’m super excited to share this post-apocalyptic fantasy with you… it is an unusual genre and the art… THE ART!! Come see…

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Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This has not influenced my opinion.

Children of the Whales

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Genre Shoujo
Drama, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Mystery

In an endless desert floats the Mud Whale, an island city of clay moving by magic, containing a small community where most die young their life spans cut short by their own magic. Chakuro diligently chronicles these deaths determined to leave a better record than those who came before. When a scouting party he’s a part of discovers a young girl who knows more about their island than they do, everything changes…

Children of the Whale Series
by Abi Umeda

Published (vol.1) November 21st 2017
by VIZ Media LLC

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GAH!! The art is GORGEOUS!! I mean it really takes my breathe away… This is the first time I kinda wish the art was were in full color with soft pastels… NOT that the black and white art was compromised but I can just imagine the dreamy colorless world they live in! I never had trouble figuring out who the characters were nor did I get them mixed up! And the settings were like characters themselves they were so well thought out and drawn!

Children of the Whale vol. 1

This is a super cool dystopian manga! I kept saying… oh this is so cool… Oh wow, that was such a neat thing… GAH, this is just getting better and better… There is this slice of life aspect with the flying migration of the crickets plus this sci-fi part with the machine from the heavens that takes emotions to survive. This is NOT an easy going manga… NO! There are battles and the solders were creepy, crazy, cool! It was JUST ONE VOLUME and yet we learned so much about the world and things advanced at just the right pace.

Children of the Whale vol. 1
ALL Art © VIZ Media

There are three leads and I really enjoyed each one. There is Chakuro, a rather sweet and naive boy who records everything. There is a girl, Lykos, and her ferret whom they find who is an emotionless fighter. And there is the moles leader, Ouni, who is the most gifted of the thymia users. He is the rebel and blows opens the things the elders would rather be kept secret…

Children of the Whale vol. 1 Children of the Whale vol. 1

The only thing that gives me pause is that there are A LOT of minor characters we are introduced to (which isn’t bad) and I struggled a little with who they were and why I was to care about them. I’m sure I will get to know them more as the series goes on…

Otherwise the world building is quite cool paired up with the gorgeous art… I won’t say much but the norm of the mud whale is established then compared to the girl’s whale so that you can understand that something mysterious is going on… and Chakuro is there to witness it all!

The end DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! It is shocking and just… wow! GAH! This is a creative, compelling post-apocalyptic fantasy world and I totally need the next volume!

My thoughts as a writer Typewriter Pink Purple Logo

Manga rely on their visuals to set the tone of the story… I really love the almost wasted look to the art that reflects very well the post-apocalyptic feel of the story. While at the same time somehow retaining a rather dreamy feel that is part and parcel of fantasy.

The story element that really must be established quickly are the relationships… if a manga story has STRONG relationships then the story will endure! In this volume the relationships are not set quite yet… BUT yes, I said I really loved this volume?! I DO! The relationships are uncertain but also mysterious! You can feel their potential like between Chakuro and Lykos and also between Chakuro and Ouni but we haven’t had enough time with them together to understand them quite yet…

The fact I want to read more is a good, good sign!

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Bottom Line wordsIf you are a fan of the dystopia, post-apocalyptic or fantasy genres then this is the manga for you…

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Did you enjoy the art examples I included? Are they a style you like?

Do you enjoy mysteries as part of your world building…?

Do you enjoy having three leads in a story?

Thanks for Reading, XOXO

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14 thoughts on “Children of the Whales, Vol. 1”

  1. Hi Dani!

    I’m not much of a Manga reader, but I’m intrigued by the review you’ve posted, and will have to see if I can find a copy of this over here. I love the artwork you’ve shared!

    Also, just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’ve nominated you to take part in the Blogger Prompt Chain, IF you would like to. I hope you will! 🙂 https://chasingdreamspublishing.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/blogger-prompt-chain-a-short-story/

  2. Wow, the artwork is insanely beautiful. I actually thought it might… just might have colours because of the cover art and the first picture you presented, but then I remembered that most mangas are black and white anyways. But even so… This looks soooo good. It also sounds pretty awesome. I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed this. I totally agree that with well-establish and strong relationships, mangas can strive for a really long time! 😀 Great review, Dani. 🙂

  3. Hello Dani!
    Glad to hear that you are liking the first book in this series. I agree that the art looks amazing!! (At least based on the pictures that you’ve shown in this post!) In general, I also like it when a story focuses on fewer main characters, as I have trouble keeping track of a large cast (and like you, find it hard to care about the minor characters if there are too many of them.) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the series 🙂

    1. I got the next volume so I’m happy that I can continue to share… I’m glad that you enjoy the look of the art too! I feel like if I don’t LOVE the art of a manga I can’t really read it for very many volumes… I just set the series aside after a couple… ❤ Glad to see you back Sophie!! Hope your trip went well…

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