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Top 5 Genre Bender Books (i.e. Fusions) Indie Author Style

This week’s topic is Genre Benders. Books that defy genre or are hard to place in a certain category. Fusion has a special place in my heart! I feel like indie authors do genre bending the best… Success hasn’t quite tainted their desire to create something that feels unique (but which can sometimes be weird, just not with this list!)

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Dream Me
by Kathryn Berla

sci-fi, contemporary romance, slice of life

Fantastical Fusion Dream Me // A review. Kathryn has an obvious love of sci-fi and explored how a radical and fantastical event might come to effect a teenage girls life! We follow her as she comes to terms with the dreams she’s having and finds more…?

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by R.J. Anderson

sci-fi, contemporary romance, mental health

My favorite part hands down was the synesthesia. A legitimate neurological condition, I loved how we were just as much in the dark about what was happening to Ali as Ali was. Dr. Faraday was an intriguing part of the whole puzzle. A rather odd love interest, he provides all the answers. I highly recommend the companion volume as well!

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And I Darken
by Kiersten White

historical fiction, romance, coming of age, contemporary themes

And I Darken in the Ottoman Empire // A 4-star Review. The only mainstream author of the bunch I couldn’t help but include it (she has an indie heart)! Told in the alternating POVs of two siblings as they come of age in the Ottoman Empire and befriend an emperor’s son. I unequivocally LOVED Lada and how she just didn’t fit in her time period… I NEED to read And Now I Rise the sequel!

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by Kelsey Sutton

murder mystery, thriller, contemporary romance, paranormal, coming of age

Glowing Countdowns, a Serial Killer and a Mess of Trouble // Gardenia Review. This book masterfully crammed in SOOO many genres! And with such panache! Everything centered around her wacky relationships and pulled together what could have been a hot mess into a MUST READ…

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Prelude to Mayhem
by Edward Aubry

dystopia, post-apocalyptic, fae, sci-fi, plus YA and Adult

Prelude to Mayhem review: Fusion at it’s Best! I am constantly bringing up this book to sing its praised because it’s shockingly creative and NEEDS more people to read it! It has this wonderful world building mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements that work so well in a post-apocalyptic world that has a new government breaking ground. The next book in the series is great! I can’t wait to read book #3…

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This was rather easy for me to come up with this week as I LOVE fusion genre…

Did you add any to your TBR on Goodreads?

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Do you love books that fuse genres into something totally unique? How often do you read indie authors?

Thanks for Reading, XOXO

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33 thoughts on “Top 5 Genre Bender Books (i.e. Fusions) Indie Author Style”

  1. I love genre bending books 😮 I didn’t even know there was a term for it! Unfortunately, I don’t recognize these novels but I do agree with you that indie authors have the coolest fusion books.

      1. The book is called “The Name of this Book is Secret” by Pseudonymous Bosch and it’s all about synesthesia! It’s maybe young YA? Like a little too old to be middle grade but also not quite YA. It’s super interesting and it was how I first learned about synesthesia! I definitely recommend it!

  2. Obviously the only title I recognize is the mainstream one hahahah I do like a well-done genre bending story though. I think one of the coolest ones is mystery + historical fiction cause of how they succeed at being atmospheric while having that thriller/mystery edge that I enjoy. Besides that, fantasy + mystery or sci-fi + mystery are definitely fun too! I guess I like having that darker tone of mystery brought into play with other genres. 😛 Great post, Dani!

    1. Thanks Lashaan! Hahhha, And I Darken is the furthest from what you’d expect from a YA too… I agree with historical + mystery… I like to add paranormal to that but ya know that’s me! I see a bit of a theme here! You remind me of my writing partner, haha, “lets stick a bit of a mystery here, what do you think..?” Personally I enjoy mystery as long as it’s NOT the focus so I’m typically game 😉

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