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#25… Not Reading Before… Bookworm Sins… Lending Books, gasp! + more

I love how there are as many opinions about books as there are readers of those books! So book bloggers are some of my favorite people… these are their posts…

This Weeks Appreciation lineThis Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I’ve pulled three (or more) things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts!

Giving Books Low Ratings Before Reading Them

From Savannah @ The Book Prophet. Have you ever looked up an announced book on Goodreads and found it rated at 4.1 stars? Yeah, like before ARCs have even been given out, what!? Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine… but how does Savannah feel about it? You’ll have to go read her discussion to find out!

7 Deadliest Bookworm Sins in a Family of Bookworms

From Camillea @ When a Brown Girl Reads. This is SUCH a hilarious post… You don’t have to have a big family to totally get the trials of a bookworm in such a scenario… My favorite is perhaps not gifting a book “on my birthday, and Easter, and Christmas, and All Saint’s Day…” Are you a bookworm sinner?!

Giving, Keeping, Selling, and Buying Books

From Erik @ Past Due Book Review. I just started following Erik but he had a fun post where he shared his thoughts on where a book’s home should be? On his shelves, to friends or family, sell it or, dare I say, lend it out? What do you do when a book can no longer fit on its shelf? Erik will give you some ideas, so check it out!

Pirates, Serpents, and Ships — oh, my!

From Brianne @ Bookish Brianne. This week Brianne shares a review of an old fantasy series that I remember reading “way back” when I first started on fantasy… The Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb! Check it out… How would you like to have a sentient ship in your family?

K-Drama Review: W

From Poulami @ Daydreaming Books. My K-drama loving blogger buddy just reviewed THE BEST SHOW WITH TWISTS! Yes, I feel like this is a potential gateway drama for thriller fans… The show is called W and has the best couple chemistry… GAH! You should definitely check out the review…

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Do you give low ratings before reading? (I can’t believe it!)

Do you lend out books?

What is your worst bookworm sin?

Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful! XOXO

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P.S. If you haven’t read my discussion post this week then please check it out!

I would love to get your thoughts on comments… #shamelessselfpromotion


19 thoughts on “#25… Not Reading Before… Bookworm Sins… Lending Books, gasp! + more”

  1. Ahh, thanks for the mention! This is a fantastic idea for a blog post, and I may have to steal it sometime. 😉 I can’t wait to check out the other posts you mentioned too!

    As for your questions: I DEFINITELY don’t give low ratings to books before reading, or any rating for that matter! Lending books out? Another DEFINITE no. I only let my sisters or mom borrow my books, and even then I’m hesitant. One time I let someone borrow a book I bought in Spain, and I never got it back. *cries* I learned my lesson.

    And my worst bookworm sin!? Maybe accidentally / not-so-accidentally reading ahead? When I was younger, I used to skim books when I got bored with them. Now, it’s kind of the opposite…when I’m so excited to keep reading but have to set the book down, I skim ahead a few pages so I know what to expect next time I pick it up. Terrible!

    1. ACK, THAT’S ACTUALLY SOMETHING I DO TOO! Skim ahead a few pages when I’ve GOT to stop… hahahhhha!

      I hope you do, do a post like this… it sure is fun and I love spreading the love… *cries with you* while I think we’ve all lost books to borrowers to lose one from Spain is heartsickening!

  2. What an awesome way to share interesting blog posts and recap reader news!! I loved this post and even found some great new bloggers to follow! I also hate when people rate books before reading them and i feel conflicted about readers rating low on *problematic* books without reading them…idk! I understand it in those cases and why it needs to be done, so maybe that’s okay? but like before even ARCs are released?? TAKE A CHILL PILL PEOPLE! The book could suck! who knows!! I only lend books to friends I know i will see again and who will take good care of my books, otherwise, NO WAY! I’ve been in situations where I lent books and never got them back, WTF PEOPLE I NEED MY BOOKS BACK!!! RUDE!!!

    1. Awwww Isabella, I totally feel you’re pain about lending books!!! ♥️ I had an experience this weekend where an acquaintance basically asked me to give her my brother’s book because she wanted to have it for several months and if she got it from the library she’d have to renew it… WHAT?! Yeah NO…

      And you are too sweet! I love sharing bloggers posts! Just my way of spreading the love… even if you don’t follow everyone there are some great topics 😉

  3. Worst bookworm sin- I guess re-selling review copies. I hate this fact so much.
    I have seen shitty books with great ratings even before anyone has received an ARC. and people going crazy over it.

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