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Top 5 Favorite Creepy Atmospheres

This week’s topic is Creepy Settings. These don’t have to be from horror books, but any setting from any book that gave you the heebie jeebies…in a good way. For me I don’t read horror but I adore ghosts and supernatural creatures and many times that goes hand in hand with the creepy and atmospheric.

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by Scott Sigler

Absolute Mystery

You wake up to find yourself trapped in a coffin with no idea who you are, where you are, or how you got there

What was it about the setting? Besides having to break yourself out of your own coffin there are bones EVERYWHERE! And the total mystery of the creepy rooms and corridors you travel through…

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by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Crazy Spaceship

The ship Alexander with a rampant infection and a damaged AI

What was it about the setting? The crazy way the infected acted and with all the cameras you aren’t sure who is watching you…

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The Ghost Bride
by Yangsze Choo

Chinese Afterlife

A shadowy parallel world of with its ghost cities, paper funeral offerings, vengeful spirits and monstrous bureaucracy

What was it about the setting? What do you do when you astral project out of your body? If you’re Chinese you enter the afterlife with similar needs as before only now you’re relying on the living to supply what you need!

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Hundred Ghost Soup
by Robert Chansky

Chinese Ghost Town

Adopted you head out to meet you’re new parents who happen to live in an abandoned factory town

What was it about the setting? Jimo eats the food put in front of him but soon realizes it lacks substance… as he explores his new home he meets the residents and learns there is a reason he was brought there…!

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Grave Witch
by Kalayna Price

Death Vision

As a rare witch who can cross over to the dead lands she sees all sorts of creepy things

What was it about the setting? When your friend is in trouble and your eyes are the only ones that can see that the mortal world, the dead lands and the fae realm have merged. Woah!

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This was such a creative topic to me I knew I had to give it a go! It was fun to think about which books gave me a creepy feeling even if in unusual locations… Do you have a favorite creepy settings? Do you read horror? Are you a fan of ghosts, demons and death?

Thanks for Reading, XOXO

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43 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Creepy Atmospheres”

  1. I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t read Illuminae yet! I love YA sci-fi so I really have no excuse. I’m glad to see yet another person who has enjoyed it – maybe it’ll be the push I need to finally pick it up, haha.

  2. I remember seeing Alive a lot when it first released but the premise of being trapped in a coffin… nope. I just couldn’t do it. I have a thing about confined spaces so reading that would have sent me over the edge. LOL

  3. Oh yes, Illuminae is SUCH a great choice for this topic – it was so creepy and made me so nervous while reading…though Gemina was way worse ahah.Great choices 🙂

      1. No, I have yet to read the next book. I want to wait until the last book comes out then I’m going to read them all together. Can’t wait to though. Now, I’ll have to pick up The Ghost Bride.

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