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Book Blogger Hop: Cover Buying

OHHHH the PRETTTTTIIIEEESSSS!!!! I love cover art! #aestheticsmatter #sorrynotsorry BUT do we really buy books just because of the cover?! Come share what you think…

Book Blogger Hop (Final)

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Have you ever bought a book because you liked its cover art?

(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)


COVERS! I love art and illustrations and have been sharing that love with my 10 year old nephew who has aphasia. I think there is something so visceral about a picture that doesn’t take any sort of thinking or knowledge but is all about our guts and our feelings… He may not understand what is meant when we read a picture book together but I always can tell when the art hits him just the right way… he lights up and becomes more animated!!

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I used to buy books all the time. Literally if the premise was good I’d want it and would have no problem shelling out hard earned cash to have it. So yeah covers were a huge part of that… though covers were not quite as pretty as they’ve gotten in the last 2 or 3 years… It’s not been that long but I feel like cover art is a huge part of the marketing of a book now. SOOO many bloggers have shelves of books they bought and haven’t read and while I don’t think exclusive cover art buys happen that often I do think they play their part in the impulsive purchase.

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Nowadays I have a dream to write my own books so I can’t burn through cash like I used to do. In other words I’m not a teenager anymore (NOOOOO!!!! hahaaahha) so I use the library A LOT. I do impulsively pick up books there due to the covers as I’m a rather aesthetic person but it’s all about the blurb at the end of the day…

Aww library love… so beautiful!

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Do you cover buy? Or author buy? (<–I think this one is more realistic?!) Do you use your local library?

Would you frame cover art if they offered it for sale?

Do you share your love of books with anyone?

Thanks for reading, XOXODani Signature


37 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: Cover Buying”

  1. haha yes, I’m often wooed by awesome covers too- but like you I can’t afford to deck out my shelves like Belle (as much as I really really want to) so I also use the library a lot (and get a lot of tatty second hand copies with not as funky covers lol 😉 ) But of course I occasionally cave when a book just looks too good and I happen to find myself in a bookshop… So yeah I really relate to this post!

  2. I am so guilty of cover “inspired” buys. I say inspired because I have learned the hard way about cover buys. Now when I am drawn to a book purely buy cover, I attempt to force myself to slow down, read the synopsis and look up some reviews. Then if it still sounds good, I will eagerly add it to my shelves 😉 I also have multiple authors that are insta purchases 😉

      1. I definitely have learned which bloggers and reviewers tend to share similar thoughts and likes/dislikes. It really helps when making decisions on titles 🙂 The slowing down is being forced so it cannot be helped haha.

  3. I definitely cover buy and yes, I have a few authors that I will auto buy. I own everything they have published, have read everything, and have enjoyed/gushed about everything.

  4. I recognize that I am sometimes swayed to pick up a book at the library because of the beautiful cover. (And I know in the past, I’ve avoided a book because of the “ugly” cover only to finally (reluctantly?) read it and discover that I love it, despite the cover.)

  5. Love this post, Dani!
    That is sweet that you read picture books together with your nephew.

    I used to cover buy a lot. Now I rely on reviews from goodreads and other bloggers, and I am more satisfied with what I am reading. I am also a big author buyer! If I liked a book by an author, I am more likely to buy another book by them. If I didn’t like a book, I will avoid their other books like the plague XD

    Books are expensive, so I totally get you there! I’ve been spending so much money on books since book blogging (which made me read more). The library seems like a good option that I will have to look into 🙂

    1. I agree that reviews are a great gauge about whether to buy a book (thought the COVERS Sophie! The covers!) And author buying makes sense to me too. While I don’t have a ton of authors I do that with I do have a small group and I’m rarely disappointed. And we want to LOVE what we read.. right?! ❤

      1. Yes there are a handful of authors who have never disappointed me, who I will always buy from! If a book cover is exceptionally gorgeous, I probably won’t be able to turn away either 🙂

  6. Great answers 🙂 Mostly great cover art is a bonus for me if the premise of the book sounds good, but I have to admit, I can be turned off a book if I don’t like the cover (I know, it’s awful!) Shatter Me is one of my favourite covers ever and I would definitely frame it if they sold prints! I’m actually hoping to get a poster of the Book Thief cover art but even though I know it exists I’m having a hard time getting my hands on it!

    1. I think its really natural to be turned off by a book cover that just doesn’t hit you the right way!! I think that is why covers have become so important the last several years… We’ve become sure a visual society! (AND YES to the Shatter Me covers!!) ❤

  7. Yes. Yes. I’m guilty of judging books by their covers, but I try to read the blurb first and then think about the cover later after I read the book.
    Yes. My friends already know. If I read it and love it, they have to read it and love it too, haha.

  8. I cover buy AND author buy, though as of late I’ve been trying (and failing) to strictly regulate my poor wallet :’) I just can’t help it, the books are all so beautiful!! I know it’s shallow of me, but I can’t help *but* judge a book by its cover… I mean, first impressions matter, no matter how wonderful the insides are!! ❤

  9. When I was a child and even up to my late teens, I used to cover buy A LOT. If there was something about the cover art that I didn’t like or suggested something that I knew I wouldn’t like in respect to the story, I wouldn’t buy. I think this is still true to a certain extent even now. I prefer simplistic, yet enthralling, captivating designs that won’t escape my thoughts until I open the book. However, I do tend to author buy as well… When I was ~16-17, I was obsessed with Charles Dickens and Jane Austen and bought pretty much anything I could find with their names plastered on the cover.

  10. I have never bought a book because of its cover art, but I certainly have gotten books from the library because of it. And some covers I would frame if they sold prints (Entwined).

  11. I have cover bought in the past, though now that I’m older I tend to curb that impulse a bit more. (I also don’t have the money to throw around so much.)

    But I do think we all have at some point or another!

    I said something similar to the covers being better now. It’s not that older ones were bad, but even with ebooks becoming more and more dominant — cover art has exploded beautifully and I love it! (I think it has to do with things being more digital. It’s easier for artists to be contacted to do covers, rather than the same people doing the paintings.)

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