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This Week’s Appreciation #17

This week I have some really fun posts that you probably passed thinking… naw I’m going to hit that discussion post, BIG mistake *grins big with moon eyes* but no problem because I GOT YOU COVERED!! Come on, check them out…

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I’ve pulled three things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts! Feel free to participate…

Book Blogger Memory Challenge

From Jenn, Caitlyn & Eden @ Thrice Read where these friends blog books x3! They’re getting back to school so are pressed for time… but this week they were able to share a book blogger memory challenge. Answer these 10 questions before reading their answers. Your challenge is to answer all of them without looking at your shelves or online. I did NOT do so well (my memory is poor…) Go on over and see if you matched any of their answers!

Book Style Feature

From Lauren @ Comma Hangover who loves to use commas in her own writing! She has this lovely recurring feature about Book Style that I love to check out. She pulls lines from the book to inspire her and this week she covers a new book that my friend raved about on his blog! It’s all scarlets and lux glamour this week… “I pick out a blouse and two dresses at random. Their luxurious, tactile fabrics caress my palms. I check the labels: Elie Saab, Missoni, and Alexander McQueen.” Check out her photos, plus the book won’t disappoint you…

A Reading Playlist

From Aris @ Awkward Aris, a new blogger who is finding her bookish groove… This week she finished Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist which inspired a post making a (play) list of all books she’d read which had something to do with music/playlists… I’m always intrigued when a band or music is used in the course of a story and she has some intriguing ones I hadn’t heard of (of course I’ve heard of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist… I’m talking about the other ones!) Check them out!

Pick a Word and Pass It On Book Tag

From Danielle @ Life of a Literary Nerd where she has a particular fondness for YA fiction and loves character driven stories. This week she did a book tag where you picked a word and hit your shelves… I would LOVE to do this tag!! How fun! And you could be tagged over and over again and it not matter because you just pick another word… She had 18 books with this word on her shelved!! Wowza!! Go see what her word was…

That’s it for week #17’s edition of This Week’s Appreciation… Do you read fun posts? Do you do tags you aren’t tagged for? What is your favorite music infused read? Do you note the fashion in books? Love to hear your thoughts!

Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful! XOXO

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14 thoughts on “This Week’s Appreciation #17”

  1. HAHA, I shamelessly do tags I haven’t been nominated for all the time because they’re just so fun!!

    and yes, I do appreciate fashion in books, particularly when they’re inspired by certain cultures!! I LOVE PRETTY DRESSES ❤

    only thing is, I tend to get annoyed when a book overloads you on the detail 24/7. Like, I do not need to read five pages about the exact texture of someone's vest…!

    1. YES! The Bone Witch! SOOOOO much description… Not that its not a decent book but I did feel smothered by fabric, lol… I don’t need a play by play in clothes but when its character influencing or part of world building with some restraint…

      YOU GO! Do all the tags you want… personally I think the creators enjoy seeing their tags keep going and not die out! ❤ Thanks Hannah!

  2. Ouuhh, fun posts!! Thanks for sharing. 😀 I personally have a hard time finding time to squeeze in tags and stuff in my blogging schedule cause life has other plans for me hahah It’s always fun to check out what others come up with though!!

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