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This Week’s Appreciation #15

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I’ve pulled three things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts! Feel free to participate…

Warning to Authors Seeking Reviews

Austine @ Novel Knight book blogs with her friend, Tia and this week she shared an intriguing topic: So You Want a Blogger to Read Your Book! Yeah I would never have thought to share with authors the do’s and don’ts to requesting from bloggers. The list is seriously comprehensive! I loved this advice: “Know the blogger you want to send a request to before sending it. It’ll save you time as well as the time of any blogger you email.” Think about sharing this…

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo Review

From Annemieke @ A Dance With Books who is a lovely Dutch book blogger who blogs in English (yay!) She reviews a book that I SOOO badly wanted to read but I just didn’t have time to participate in the blog tour *cries* She (along with many other bloggers I follow) raved about this book’s Chinese characters and mythology and the MONKEY KING!! I so wish I could have crammed it in my schedule, but I LOVE to showcase Asian centered books!! She said…

“However the voice of Genie Lo throughout this book is epic. She’s funny, in your face and not afraid to tell a guy off when they are being condescending. This made this book step away from the typical young adult urban fantasy for me and made it grow into an epic tale of Genie Lo.”

Go check out why you’ll fall for this book too…

10 Must See K-Dramas in August

From Kay @ Kdrama Kisses where she blogs about all things K-dramas… She shared 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in August 2017 and I thought her choices were spot on! I’m so looking forward to Save Me! “Save Me is a psychological thriller about a young man (Taecyeon) who comes to the rescue of a woman (Seo Ye Ji) and finds himself caught up in the mystery of her involvement in a pseudo-religious cult that she is trying to escape from.” In an interview Taecyeon said the role is dark (and depressing) for him, lol, he said the same thing about his previous role and it was cute and charming! Check out her post… you may see something you like…

That’s it for week #15’s edition of This Week’s Appreciation… Do you have review request guidelines posted? Do you accept review copies from authors? Do you enjoy Asian protagonists and mythology? Have you heard of The Epic Crush of Genie Lo? Have you read it? Can you guess who Taecyeon is in the picture? Would you watch about a cult?

Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful! XOXO

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Appreciation #15”

  1. Great reflections! Yes, I do accept review copies from authors and I do have my review guidelines posted. I get SO frustrated when an author sends me a request but doesn’t read my review guidelines first. I actually have gotten into the habit of replying to them with the link to my guidelines in there. I’ve been so incensed sometimes that I reply with feedback about their email to me and I break it down fairly brutally. I am a person too. Please treat me with respect. Ugh.

    /End Soapbox

    Keep these coming! I love seeing what the rest of the blogosphere is up to!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying these… sometimes I sacrifice reading the bloggers I love to find them…

      I need to do review guidelines. I’ve been getting requests lately. Everyone writes thrillers! I’d hate to be a thriller writer trying to promote my book… I just tell them that I wouldn’t do the book justice. lol, but I love that you send them the link! 😍

      1. I totally understand how you might lose reading favorite bloggers due to this. There are only so many hours in the day. I can barely keep up with my blog, let alone my favorite bloggers. We’ve got to prioritize!

        It’s hard to turn down requests, honestly. The majority of authors are really polite and considerate, I just needed to vent, I guess. The review guidelines help a ton, I think. Before review guidelines I certainly got more requests! It’s totally worth the time. Just make it easy to find!

  2. I do like the “know the blogger you’re sending a request to before you do” tip. I always end up laughing out loud when I see an author send me a request for a YA paranormal romance story. I mean… why? Hahahaha

  3. I’ve only just started getting ARCs but only from two authors who I’ve followed religiously and the noticed enough to want me on their review teams haha. I really need to watch a Kdrama. I watch a lot of anime and I’ll sometimes indulge in a Spanish drama but never a K drama before. What would you recommend watching for a 1st timer?

    1. ARCs are easy from netgalley and they always have read now ones that didn’t get enough requests… you can quickly become overwhelmed (by requesting too many) or depressed (due to meh stories) but it’s a good way to start out if you want to read ARCs. 😁

      K-drama suggestions depends on what you normally like to watch on American tv… I just reviewed 7 First Kisses which is a web drama but a good place to start if you enjoy romantic comedy… if you like drama better then I have other ones! ♥️

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