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Which Fantasy Choice Wowed Her?

Crazy I know but I’m finally sharing my first K-drama review!! I recently watched this because of the Fierce Fangirl Friday post that I wrote about Lee Min-ho!! It’s short, cute and will totally win you over…

Seven First Kisses

Genre: Web drama
8 Episodes (10-11 minutes each)
Total running time: 1 hr. 26 minutes

C a s t

Lee Cho-hee as Min Soo-jin (1-8)
Choi Ji-woo as Goddess (1+7)
Lee Joon-ki as Church Oppa (1-2)
Park Hae-jin as Romantic Boss (2-3)
Ji Chang-wook as Sexy Secret Agent (3-4)
Kai as Charming Student (4-5)
Taecyeon as Sweet Rich Guy (5-6)
Lee Jong-suk as Famous Actor (6-7)
Lee Min-ho as Free Spirit Traveler (8)

A romantic comedy webdrama centered around the Lotte Duty Free shop where an information desk worker, Min Soo-jin, meets a goddess and due to her kindness is rewarded with the opportunity to choose between seven men for her first kiss.

My opinion Splat Logo

I’ve been wanting to watch this and finally took the plunge!! I’M SO GLAD I DID!

The Lotte Duty Free shop brought us this wonderful short little drama to showcase their store. In Korea this is quite an acceptable way to advertise. I thought it quite brilliant of them make viewers want to watch by enlisting THE most popular male celebrities in South Korea..

Genre Showing>⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This type of comedy isn’t my favorite but Lee Cho-hee who portrays Min Soo-jin is an expert at this bumbling heroine and does so with charm. The best thing is that the men in our cast are all excellent straight men!! They each have their romantic charm and it’s clear that their parts were written for their strengths in this area.

Korean Culture>⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
You have to understand that the draw of this web drama are the seven gorgeous celebrities in different identities. Each actor has quite an extensive following… Any woman in South Korea or even all of Asia would die to be in the presence of, let alone kiss, one of these men. And many international fans (like me!) can only agree! So this is definitely for all the fans out there… (This is part of Korean Culture because those in the acting profession understand the worth of their fans! And Min Soo-jin gets to become the ultimate fan…)

Story Development>⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The short 10 to 15 minute run time of a web drama is tough to write and keep the pace tight. As a viewer we want to see SOME ACTION and not watch setup for the next shortened episode. The format for this web drama was really smart concentrating on one man per episode. The creativity came in how she met each one without repeating the same circumstances and while still giving us enough information to understand what is going on!! I LOVED the role each man had in her life, some were tantamount to totally plausible while others were crazy in the cutest, most dreamy way!

Min Soo-jin carries off not having been kissed yet very well a unrealistic as the idea is to modern society. I don’t particularly get the reasons why… I’d have liked a touch of that in her interactions with the men.

Though I do love how her connection with each one was developed within the episode… Lee Joon-ki taps into their shared history. Park Hae-jin is swoony like a television character. Ji Chang-wook uses his self depreciating charm. Kai flatters with his younger man allure. Taecyeon is goofball in earnest. Lee Jong-suk flashes his smile and kindness. And Lee Min-ho is flatteringly real.

There’s nothing wrong with the plot… it’s quite good and developed around each actor very well playing into their past parts or their reputation. You’re totally puzzled who Min Soo-jin’s going to choose as she seems taken with each and every one of them! During the course of the last episode things develop totally differently that the other men… some really excellent showing at work here. The only problem is it makes a rather open ending.

The End>⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Despite the open ending not being very concrete in telling us where they are going after this I did LOVE how the final relationship developed! It was pretty clear who she chose and why… This quote captures her heart and the audiences…

“It’s daily life to search for something that will love me. But searching for something I will love is a journey.”

Gaww! Surely that says it all!

Star Rating wordsRating Star 3Rating Star 9Rating Star 4Rating Star 61/2

BOTTOM LINE: A perfect “web drama” hook or spot on for long-time drama fans!!

My thoughts as a writer Typewriter Pink Purple Logo

Watching this web drama… can be accomplished in two ways – as individual episodes or there is a YouTuber who strung the episodes together. I normally watch web dramas as individual episodes and treat them as regular episodes and watch 1 a day. This is how they are meant to be watched and the breaks between episodes heighten the next episode’s start as you wait to see what happens next. I did the second one as I wanted it to feel like a movie.

There’s a subtle difference between the two formats… When you watch it like a movie there is a pacing change due to the fact there is no end to the meeting with that man we simply go right into the next meet. In this instance the movie way worked well due to the way the drama ended… If you were to watch it like a traditional show you would be more apt to choose your favorite actor (dream celebrity) as you’d have more time to think about each man’s charms.

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What did you think of my first drama review? Was it tempting? Do you like my banner or is it too girly pink?! The pig rabbit has come to signify Korean drama!


16 thoughts on “Which Fantasy Choice Wowed Her?”

  1. Nice review, Dani! Sounds insane that they managed to get these extra famous dudes for this one girl. How they are all different in their approach and way of life is nice too. Glad to see how much you enjoyed this and even have a writer’s perspective for the web drama!

      1. Oh I will let you know when I do! 🙂 *crossing my fingers hoping I’ll love it*
        I’ve also discovered one recently called Cheese in the Trap, which is based on the webtoon of the same name… I’m hesitant about that one because it looks a lot more drama-infused. I think I need something a bit more lighthearted hahaha
        But it sounds pretty cool too, if you’re in the mood! I haven’t read the webtoon yet but many people swear by it.
        You’re very welcome!! ❤ ❤ 😀 Thank you for the rec! ^^

      2. Hey Sophie! I watched Cheese in the Trap for 5 episodes… I love the male lead and how his character was portrayed… unfortunately the producers didn’t like that actor and changed the show to be about the second lead. It’s odd but the second half of the season is all about him. By ep 5 I could already see it happening!! There is a Cheese in the Trap movie filming now with the same lead actor (so he could do a proper rendition of the story!)

        I want to read the web toon (it’s why that lead actor took the role!)… (lots of webtoons actually) but not sure how to do that… and haven’t researched it yet!! There’s one called Moonlight Drawn by Clouds I’d like to read too… ♥️😍

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