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Combating the Post-Fantasy Reading Blues

YAY! My fantasy chat is back!! I didn’t do one last month due to a case of blogger blues but I’m baaaaacccckkkkk and sassssssyyyy (or getting there…)!! I was thinking about this feature last month and had SOOO many ideas!! This was the first one and after I started thinking about it I saw bloggers mentioning ALL over their different techniques!! Check out mine…

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Fantasy series are lush and rich with details, characters and sprawling landscapes… once you get to the end of 500 pages of lusciousness you are worn out due to all the FEEELLLSSS and exciting action! The last thing you want to do is read another one… you need a palate cleanser (as I like to call them) to give yourself a change of pace before you head back in…

Change in Genre

Contemporary for me!

This covers a wide range and is (most?) readers go to way to keep reading without getting burnt out. If you normally read YA then you can go middle grade or adult… If you love dark dystopian you can go fluffy romance… And if you LOVE fantasy then you can go contemporary!

I like to keep a mix of genres and subgenres going to act as a change when I need it. Contemporary is quite fluffy to me and tends to focus on romance (which I love!) so its great to not contemplate saving the fantasy world for a book or two…

Standalone Book

Quickly resolved by the end of the book!

Contemporary and standalone go hand in hand for me but there are a ton of great standalones that aren’t contemporary. Series are great but they are an investment of time and there are those dreaded cliffhangers! I have 187 standalone books on my goodreads TBR and scrolling through them… there are a LOT of contemporary…

The great thing about a standalone book is that commitment is low… You know it is going to be resolved by the end! And they tend to be about more realistic subjects. It’s nice to come back to earth for a while in-between fantasy places!

Try Something New

Get out of your comfort zone!

I’m all about the premise… sell me with the marketing blurb and a gorgeous cover and I’ll give anything a try… but not horror, and I like to watch my mysteries… Anyway we SAY we are game for whatever sounds great but sometimes we get caught in a rut… dystopian anyone?

Trying something a little outside our wheelhouse can be a great way to combat post reading blues! If you love contemporary and rarely read anything else then a magical realism subgenre could be the change you are looking for… The same is true trying a mystery if you typically go all out for romance… This is why we need more books WITHOUT romance!


My go-to palate cleanser!

Okay, now its time to plug some of my favorite loves… manga is a type of comic (not really but we’ll go with it… read more in my primer here!) that makes a great in-between book… You are still reading technically but illustrations play a HUGE part in the experience.

They go fast but you can choose a many volume story or a short volume story… so the commitment is up to you. There are anime tie-ins that can make a great break when reading ANYTHING just isn’t cutting it. There are as many genres as you can think of… my favorite is slice of life with a magical bent, plus volumes aimed at girls and women (this is not a male exclusive club!)

Switch Mediums

Yes, I snuck in K-dramas!

I mentioned animes above… sometimes we just need a break from reading. Our eyes are crying out and we just want to sit back and listen… An audiobook is a great stand-in and still gets our TBR down or you can completely abandon the written word for K-DRAMAS!!

Any fan of YA books will love K-dramas… (see I’m plugging my fandom still…) And you are still reading… but subtitles this time! (It is NOT as difficult as it first seems when you start…) A new story in a different medium is a great way to get a shot of fantasy while not worrying about reading blues…

These are the methods I use to combat post-fantasy reading blues… What do you do? How fast do you read a book typically? All in one sitting or a certain percentage a day? Share your secret techniques…

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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34 thoughts on “Combating the Post-Fantasy Reading Blues”

  1. Genius post! I personally like to pick up a graphic novel/trade paperback (I think I’ve mentioned this before hahah). I also love to switch mediums too since I consider myself a film buff and do love to check out movies/shows whenever I can (if not all the time hihih). I like the whole “try something out of your comfort zone” thing too. I do find myself doing that at times and surprising myself by the end of the book. 😛

    1. Thank you, thank you, Lashaan! Every blogger I read inspired this post!! I’ve been watching a lot more movies lately (thank you library!) and they are lovely breaks from books! And I love book bloggers because they supply so many “outside your comfort zone” suggestions!

      Your comment reminded me… did you see The Great Wall? I just saw it! I’d love to hear what you thought…

  2. Excellent post!! Yes you are so right about changing genre- I also like to mix it up with contemporaries after a fantasy hangover. And yes I like to change it up with things outside my comfort zone too 😀 heehehehe okay you are really starting to sell me on the K Dramas!!

  3. A very interesting post for all the book worms out there and I applause you for your bravery on going out of your comfort zone, by the way since you mentioned you like mystery why don’t you try “The Technique of the Mystery Story” by Carolin Wells which isn’t a mystery story but rather a guide to mystery genre itself.

  4. Haha– I adore this post. Particularly that you snuck in K-Dramas! I will admit, I’m not following your K-Drama posts as closely, but I have friends who are also obsessed with them, so I get it.

    I recently experienced the post-fantasy reading blues. I just finished the Shattered Sky trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. When it ended, I just didn’t want to leave the world he created! That doesn’t happen often to me, so I was a bit surprised by that. I follow most of your suggestions above. My top go-to is reading a standalone novel or a graphic novel (even if it is part of a series), which seems to align well to the above. My favorite genre is magical realism, so I try to aim that direction. It doesn’t always work, however. So switching formats helps! I rotate through e-books, physical books, and audiobooks. They all have different appeals to me. Sometimes just switching the format is enough to get me out of my slump!

      1. Oh man. My favoritest book ever is magical realism: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It’s… yeah. I won’t hype it. I’ll just say you should read it. 😉 I also adore Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, The Ocean At The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. There are TONS more I haven’t read– authors like Murakami, Rushdie, and Marquez are known for this, but I’ve never read any of their works. They are all on my TBR.

      2. I shamefully admit I have The Night Circus to read!! I’ll have to get to it, maybe in October… Garden Spells reminds me of a book I read to take to my book club called The Secret Ingredient of Wishes… that gives me a clue about magical realism!

        Ack so many suggestions… sorry can’t read Like Water for Chocolate that premise makes me depressed just thinking about it… but there are some great suggestions here Jackie!! Now goodreads TBR GROW! lol…

        Thanks Jackie ❤ I'm getting the idea now…

  5. I’m the same way! I read a ton of fantasy but when I’m looking to change it up, I go contemporary or historical romance. Mostly standalones but sometimes short trilogies. Then if a fantasy series was so good I need to absorb it better, I go to Netflix or Crunchyroll and binge watch something to bring my mind down out of those epic fantasy clouds. If it’s the weekend, and the book is fantastic, I can read it in a day with breaks to eat and pee, hahaa. During the week, I try to read at least 2 hours a night if I don’t have other shenanigans and I also try not to stay up *too* late cause I have a job, hahaha

      1. I read Flawed by Cecelia Ahern, although I’m yet to read the next as it was a present so I didn’t know it was a series at first! At least it gives me something to look forward to!

  6. Awesome tips!!!! I totally agree with u on that point… too much fantasy can get a little exhausting… I usually pick up a contemporary standalone novel after a fantasy one… i really need to pick up manga… 😅 I’ve heard so many great things about it….

  7. There are secret techniques? GIMME THOSE.
    Okay no.

    I really hadn’t thought of this subject before reading your post. And now that I am.. I’m seriously laughing with myself because I’ve been switching between anything fantasy-related and fluffy romance for.. well, like forever. And I didn’t even notice up until now?
    Okay, this is pretty awesome. Now I have a system in what books I read and I didn’t even know.
    I might be freaking myself out now.

    Did you know I never read manga? Like ever in my life? Neverever?
    I just.. I don’t know – it’s like with anime. I like real people when I watch television, so I don’t watch anime either.
    I do want to try reading manga one day but I know so little about it that it feels like a hassle to try and find something I’ll definitely like.. :’)

    1. Everyone is so different but at the same time uses really similar techniques!! And you just have to find the right manga for you and you’ll be hooked, lol. I always suggest Fruits Basket if you rad YA… it tends to be a good fit… I love anime off and on… ? Not sure why but I agree sometimes I just want real people… Anime is really when its about stuff you can’t show in real life without some really corny special effects… maybe you aren’t a really big supernatural lover?

      1. Apparently!

        Yes, I saw your answer on my message but I have yet to read it properly (since I wasn’t at home all weekend, haha), but I’m definitely going to check it out and see if I can get into manga! First have to finish all those ARC’s though. [I’m aiming for a 100% feedback rate this month!]

        Definitely a supernatural lover; but I think I’ve been losing myself a lot in contemporary lately and that might’ve had its influence some way. I’ll get my groove back, haha!

      2. Oh lord, that’s a whole bunch, haha! But you can do it!! I went from 6 to 3 this month – and I didn’t read ARC’s during the Make Me Read It Read-a-thon.
        [And I’m so going to curse myself if I suddenly start requesting more ARC’s <.<]

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