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Leaving Behind July…

Oh yeah, I’m SOOO happy to see the back of July… People applaud me for my reviews but it was a struggle this month as I was catching up on older reads (#sorrynotsorry) and as a result I wasn’t a part of the blogging community near as much as I wanted to be… *cries* Then to be told too many reviews is an offense worthy to be unfollowed… *depressed* I am so thankful to those who shared that they enjoy my writing voice, you SAVED me!! ❤ AUGUST IS A NEW MONTH THOUGH! Let’s take a look back so we can move forward!!

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Books Read This Month

Okay I am totally shocked… not beyond words because, come on, am I EVER at a loss for words (actually, yes I am, more than you shall ever know) BUT I managed to read 10 books!! I even reviewed most of them this month too!! One was even a non-ARC that I squeezed in. It made me frantic later but I got everything read! (Yes, this was an ARC reading month…)

32766747 33350801 29916723 35600540

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana // 3 stars – reviewed here
Dream Me by Kathryn Berla // 4 stars – reviewed here
Static Mayhem by Edward Aubry // 4 stars – reviewed here
Survival Kit’s Apocalypse by Beverly Williams // 3 stars – reviewed here

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Vanguard by Ann Aguirre // 4 stars – reviewed here
The Dragons of Nova by Elise Kova // 4 stars – reviewed here
Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce // 3 stars – reviewed here
Reset by Michael Pierce // 3 stars – novella reviewed with Royal Replicas!

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Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine // 5 stars – review to come soon!
Bad Girl Gone by Temple Mathews // 3 stars – review to come soon!

Reviews for Last Month’s Read Books

The Alchemists of Loom cover Illuminae cover Strange the Dreamer cover Slathbogs Gold cover - Adventurers Wanted #1 Tuesdays at the Castle cover Cinder cover

The Alchemists of Loom by Elisa Kova // 5 stars – reviewed here
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff // 5 stars – reviewed here
Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor // 3 stars – reviewed here
Slathbog’s Gold by M.L. Forman // 5 stars – reviewed here
Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George // 5 stars – reviewed here
Cinder by Marissa Meyer // 3 stars – reviewed here

Memes and Tags

This month I decided not to participate regularly in every meme and picked my favorite of the suggested topics. It allowed me to do other original posts. Now I understand why some bloggers love doing memes… they are read more than original content. It was a good experiment trying to do a little of both!


I have been nominated and tagged SOO much for this next month (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and I AM SO EXCITED!! (I plan to do all of my awards and tags from July in August!)

The Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag

Sunshine Blogger Award II
One Lovely Blog Award II

This Month’s Memes

Top 10 Tuesday was on hiatus so it gave me a little more room to try some new features!

#ARCstravaganza – So sad this is going to instagram only, but I’ll still post a blog version! It’s a no brainer to participate and gives me an excuse to bookstagram!

#ARCstravaganza // The Last Namsara

#ARCstravaganza // Zero Repeat Forever

#ARCstravaganza // Vanguard

Book Traveling Thursday: Favorite 2017 Covers – The current host is stepping down after August… I hope another blogger chooses to pick it up!

Keep It or Skip It More Manga – Should I do this one 2x a month? I have over 1,000 TBR…?

Top 5 Wednesday – 6 Middle Grade Books

If & Then Thursday: Mental Illness – This is the hardest meme to me… I read all over the place… I wish others took part (hint, hint…)

Book Blogger Hop: Movie Tie-ins – Mini discussion posts where others decide the topic, good for beginner chatters!

Standalone Sunday – A 12 Dancing Princesses retelling!!

Memes New This Month

Fierce Fangirl Friday: Lee Min-ho – My first one and I was SOOO excited to take part!! I don’t particularly like my banner so I’m thinking to change it (but to what?!)

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Where I review manga volumes, this month I covered The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, Vol.1-2!

Hit or Miss…? – Books I DNFed and why you may love them! This one was about a funny dragon…

Original Content Posts

Discussion Journal – My second discussion post… on rating woes.

Manga Primer – Great for beginner manga readers… I paired it with my new Saturday Morning Cartoons review meme!

Talking Spoilers – Not a single person liked this post or clicked into it, *laughter mixes with cries* I picked Strange the Dreamer because SOOO many on my goodreads feed had read it… I just wanted to talk in depth (i.e. get what other readers thought) about specific plot or character details… should I keep it?

From Book to Screen – My adaptions feature, this month about The Fifth Wave!

Thoughts on July

Near the end of the month I dropped one of the new original content posts I was going to write… I was feeling down and overwhelmed… Instead of trying to force it I decided to take a step back. I also didn’t write my fantasy chat even though I had SOO many ideas this month! Another thing I dropped near the end due the sheer weight of the black cloud over my head. I started my first k-drama review but I was just plagued by the doldrums and doing NEW things was just plain HARD! (I’m sure others feel this way too, right?!)

Thinking about the struggles I had this month I realize I CAN’T APOLOGIZE FOR WHO I AM!! I think that I’ve taken some things to heart that I ought to just leave to others… I have MANY VARIED INTERESTS and I like to share them and post about them… I’m NOT an EXPERT on hyped books, I struggle to write DISCUSSION POSTS that are engaging, etc… I DO excel at being interested in others (My blogger love This Week’s Appreciation posts for one!) and enjoying anything connected to writing or storytelling. This is who I am!!

Next Month…

I’m going to stick with a balance of both memes and my original features but I’m going to PLAN way better this time! I am going to keep sharing reviews… I am about sharing my perspective as a writer and I have some future features I want to develop that rely on reviews being on my blog… SO PLEASE BEAR WITH THE REVIEWS!!

I’m going to work in some K-drama posts… some reviews and other primer like posts… I really want to make this a big aspect of my blog as I love Asian influences and culture. (I fell down on adding this last month, so I’m going to give it another go this month…)

I have a lighter reading schedule as I only have 4 ARCS I must read so I can pick out some essential reading (I’m really excited to read some hyped books this month!) WHAT SHOULD I READ?! I started A Court of Thorns and Roses…

Some setbacks, some wins! Such is life… I’m determined to be happier with just being me… I added some gifs now that I know how not to use them and not my memory (lol!) and I can see why they are so popular with other bloggers. (fun!) Happy reading…

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23 thoughts on “Leaving Behind July…”

  1. Someone said too many reviews warrants unfollows? 😮 What is too many? If anything, I think you should do absolutely anything you want on YOUR blog without concerning yourself on what a couple of followers think you should or shouldn’t do. I mean, I do enjoy reading any review you have to post since it not only highlights books that could be potentially used for referencing purposes to those interested and highlights books I should totally avoid. Then again, it’s also always nice to have a bunch of other features/memes and what not to balance things out and to also help you manage your time/stress level hahah I’m greatly impressed by the number of books you’ve read this month. You say you’re a slow reader, yet you’ve read a HEEEELLLAA lot more than I did hahaha I wish I was at least an average reader, speed-wise. I could go through sooooo many more awesome books per month. Gosh, that sounds like heaven. Hope August will be much better for you, Dani. Take it easy and do what you love, when you want. 😉

    1. Isn’t it crazy when we’re book bloggers?! And I agree too many is totally subjective! I do appreciate your support, so much! And I love reviews, especially from those bloggers that I trust and enjoy HOW they review books… my favorite reviewers tend to be those who like a range of genres… I feel like I benefit from their willingness to explore!
      I get the blessed experience of working from home… so I have no commute and no time boundaries… no mandatory lunch hour… I have to get my work done, that’s it, lol! So this month i think I just read shorter books! Hehe… my brother tells me slow readers read at learning speed so we get more out of the books we consume… *shrug* Thanks much Lashaan!

      1. Learning speed so we get more out of the books we read? That definitely slightly boosts my moral.. Although I don’t think speed readers will like to hear that.. assuming that they don’t get “more” out of reading so much faster hahahah

  2. LOL too many book reviews?! Oy. People are nutty. I had someone tell me something similar last year. You just gotta give people the wonky eye over crud like that.

    Loved Ink & Bone. The whole series has been really good 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of them!

    1. Thanks Anna! I agree with nutter, haaahaa! I appreciate you sharing 😁😁

      I was surprised but I really enjoyed Ink and Bone too! And I have the second book but I didn’t realize how long ACOTAR is and I’m not breezing through it like I thought I would… I really loved Jess! And the other characters… I love a group like that…

    1. Thanks May! I TOTALLY enjoyed Ink and Bone… I’m so glad I picked it up! I HOPE YOUR CHALLENGE GOES WELL! I’M ROOTING for everyone and can’t wait to read how it goes!! (I’m still so bummed I’m not going to be able to do feedback exchange which I was looking forward to *cries*) ♥️

  3. YAY DANI 10 books is awesome!!! And you read so many ARCs that is so inspiring! I’m participating in ARC August this month and I could use some motivation 😂

    Oooh how didn’t I notice your participated in my meme??? Oh wait, I know… I’ve been busy and lazy XD but I have the email notification for that particular post in a seperate folder so i won’t forget to check it out!!! I’ve been slacking at keeping up with everyone’s Fangirl Friday posts but my life is a mess right now and I just can’t find the time to do it let alone do some blog hopping 😭

    Anyway, I hope August will be another great reading (and blogging) month for you!!!

    1. Thanks Jackie! I WAS SO PUMPED TO PARTICIPATE IN FANGIRL FRIDAY!! lol, it was my first one but I’m excited to take part again in August! … totally get the no time to blog hop… that is me too! ♥️ I hope your life clears up some… but even messes can be fun, right?!!

  4. Ohh you had a great reading month, so happy for you! I’m eager to hear your thoughts about Ink and Bone, I have that one on my TBR and can’t wait to read it 🙂
    Also, Dani, you are doing GREAT, seriously ❤ If you're feeling pressured or anything, don't forget to take a breath, a small step back, and just be yourself. You and your blog are awesome ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks Marie! I needed all this feedback… I’m struggling but I’m a fighter, I appreciate your pep talk ♥️ I’m not normally so down… look forward to me being back to form! And I think you’ll be surprised by how much I liked ink and bone! 😉

      1. If you’re ever having any kind of doubt or anything, I’m always here to chat, brainstorm or just if you need to rant about it all 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your July reading! I think I maybe read half that. I’ll have to check. I’m glad you’re embracing the way you write your blog. I enjoy all the posts you write so keep it up! Also, always introduce things that interest you! I like learning about the stuff you’re interested in cause it gets me interested in it, haha.

    1. Thanks Nel! I read a disgusting amount of books, didn’t I!? When I read others wrap up posts I thought 10 was an incredible number! I’m going to keep introducing and chatting about things I enjoy! I just wrote up my posting schedule and I committed myself!

      Honestly I’m so grateful to everyone for their kind words… I know strength is the call word of woman today but I so needed cheering on ❤️

      1. I wish I could read disgusting amounts of books. I need a vacation. I’m so behind on my Goodreads challenge lol. I’m doing good if I read 4 books in a months we days!
        Always happy to cheer you on! Your blog is seriously great.

  6. Woah you’re a great inspiration especially for someone like me who just started blogging, I find it wonderful how you interact with your readers and how you thrive to improve so you bring out better content. If I’m allowed to give you a tip don’t be so harsh on yourself.

  7. First: You have to do with your blog what YOU want to do. It’s your blog, not everyone else’s. If they don’t agree with the way you handle things, than that’s too bad? But other people will!
    It was the first thing said to me when I started my blog. “You’re the boss of it, not your followers or the people that click on it. Do your thing and it’ll make you a lot more happier than doing what people expect you to do.” Also a good advice for life in general, by the way, haha.

    I’ve been lost in my bloghopping and checking out the blogs I’m following, so SORRY I HAVEN’T SEEN SOME POSTS. Life is busy as well and I just cannot for the life of me look decently at all the blogs I follow which I get annoyed by but I just can’t do anything to change it. ._.

    AND after you read ACOTAR, you’re just going to read ACOMAF because I finished that one last week and I freaked and it’s so worth it and you should totally read it!

    1. Thanks Kathy! True words of wisdom! I’m the boss… I guess like some bosses I get frustrated when everyone’s not on board but I can’t control anyone but myself (and honestly I don’t want to!!) So I’ll keep plugging away! Thanks for the pep talk ❤️ I’m really loving ACOTAR so far do fingers crossed!

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