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A Pattern For Pepper

I TOTALLY admit that I wanted to read this book so yeah, hahahaha my nephew got to learn about fabric… which was NOT a bad thing…

My 10-year old nephew and I read books together every week and he draws a picture from the pages that captures his fancy. As a budding bookworm, artist and a child with an autistic aphasia we bond through stories and art.


A Pattern for Pepper

by Julie Kraulis
Published August 1st 2017
by Tundra Books (NY)

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Pepper has a special occasion coming up and her mother takes her to the tailor for the perfect dress… As Pepper is shown a pattern and it’s origins explained she has a reason why it won’t work: “Dotted Swiss? Too plain. Houndstooth? Not enough color. Pinstripe? Too glum.” Will he be able to find the right fabric for her first dress?

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Rating art mediumpencil and crayon

Purple Watercolor Ball Line

Patterns, such an inventive subject…

I adored this book! So, so inventive and so fun. It is particularly aimed at a girl and I really liked that as it portrayed her as a girl who knows her own mind and won’t settle for less. It will speak right to that little girl in your life and will show her an example of how you want her to approach her own life!

“Mr. Taylor, What if I don’t like ANY of these patterns?”

I appreciated that the crafting of the dress was also shown even though its unlikely Pepper would have been there. It is a nice way to complete the story. I really enjoyed the explanations for the different patterns and where they came from or how they are traditionally used. It seems to make this book one a girl will want to hold onto as a keepsake no matter how they age.

The best thing about the book were the illustrations. I loved the modern sharpness with the overall blue tones that made colors pop. The clean open style just worked as a fabric pattern story. I loved how the patterns were drawn across the whole spread of the book paired with the little vignettes that showed the patterns being used.

I actually have the unique opportunity of reading picture books with the target audience. My nephew is a boy, of course, but it was amazing how interested he still seemed to be to learn about the patterns and to understand why she was going to pick out fabric and not just buy clothes.

He always chooses an illustration to copy for his own drawing and he loved Pepper and the tailor making the pattern for her dress. We had a lot of fun reading this together even though it is totally aimed at a girl! I believe it is a book that will find a good home even at homes with both a boy and a girl.

Age Range: 5-9 years

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Can Grow with a Child?Rating Yes!
Message Driven Story? Rating Yes!
Worthy of a Home Library? Rating Yes!
Appropriate for Special Needs? Rating No

Purple Watercolor Ball Line


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