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This Week’s Appreciation #14

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I’ve pulled three things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts! Feel free to participate…

Goodreads Improvements

Cait @ Paper Fury, who has such an aesthetically pleasing blog, it makes me as happy to look at as my own! She recently did a Vlog with her sister which was quite cute and informative in a couple minute video of all the personality you’ll be getting into by following her blog! Then later in the week she write the post about goodreads that I wanted to write!! Check out all of her improvements for the best book tracking site…

Balancing Stereotypes

From Sophie Li @ Sophie’s Corner, who is a new-to-me writer book blogger (and you know how I LOVE to support that niche group!) who captured me with her review of My Heart and Other Black Holes (she has a bottom line TOO!) then bowled me over with her chat about Stereotypes… I loved her balanced approach to stereotypes and why they are disliked but also how defying them can go too far!

How To: Write Reviews and Bookstagram

From Katie @ Read with Katie (who I follow) and Namitha @ Teen Memoir (who I now follow) are guest posting on each other’s site and I adored Namitha’s post about how she writes reviews! Once I realized Namitha is a blogger I don’t follow I headed over to her blog and found Katie’s post about how she bookstagrams (and boy did I need that post!) Katie’s photos are gorgeous (you will be filled with envy even if you don’t want to be!) It’s okay though she shares tons of tips, check it out!

That’s it for week #14’s edition of This Week’s Appreciation… Do you feel goodreads can be improved? (I do!) Do you watch book vloggers? (I don’t.) What do you think about stereotypes? (Be creative but not overboard!) Do you like books about mental illness? (I do!) Do you bookstagram? (I’m trying…) Do you struggle with writing book reviews? (Sometimes.)

Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful!

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Appreciation #14”

  1. Thank you for linking me in this blog post Dani!! I feel so honoured to be included in one of your appreciation posts 🙂 I will definitely check out these other links!!

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