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Static Mayhem Review: A Tool for Scrambling Magic

I’m a self-professed sequel shunner but this is one sequel I lined up to read! Did I enjoy it? Come find out as I talk about this fusion fae-dystopia world…

29916723Static Mayhem

Mayhem Wave #2
by Edward Aubry
re-Published July 25th 2017
by Curiosity Quills Press

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Through a dystopia world riff with fae creatures and future tech Harrison Cody made his way to the city of Chicago. There he joins a secret expedition whose mission is to search out the cause of the magical chaos and… reverse it. With his pixie Glimmer in tow, Harrison and his team uncovers a plot set in motion by a great evil. Will he be able to make the sacrifice needed to stop it?

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I was super excited to learn about this sequel and to get my hands on a copy!! I was a mega-fan of the fusion world and the world-building that was so expertly developed and shown in the first book Prelude to Mayhem, which I gave 5 stars!

Right off I was disappointed by a couple things…

NO Dorothy! What?! She is what made this series young adult to me and without her POV in the story this became a decidedly adult book… It isn’t what I expected having seriously enjoyed the way her POV contrasted so well to Harrison’s POV in the first book! I NEVER stopped missing her and no love interest could take her place. It took me a while to adjust to Dorothy not being in the story and so the setup was quite ho-hum to me.

I didn’t expect ANOTHER journey story. This is framed as a mission but again it is a travelouge going from point A to B to C. Once I got to the city I expected the story to change into being once concentrated around the city and the people there. Basically this book 2 made book 1 moot. This is SERIOUSLY IRRITATING!! I HATE when the next book in the series reveals that all the events in the previous book were for nothing… Once I adjusted to the mission nature of the story, the lack of Dorothy and the re-travel I settled down to enjoy the book…

And enjoy the book I did! It’s terrible when two books don’t flow together properly and there is a big disconnect. But now YOU know it will happen it won’t be so jarring to you and I believe this series is well worth the read!

The same twisty world but with more explanations. I loved how the present world was merged with a fae world and future tech-filled one. And this book takes that merging to an even greater height… We get to meet major players in the fae world and experience a little of what Glimmer is missing. I loved getting to see a glimpse into her world and what is being hidden behind her perky Barbie facade. There were more monsters than ever before and they did not disappoint! And the future tech was integral to the plot and story in a really intriguing way! Plus Harrison has the ability that he learned about at the end of book 1 but that is not his only strength he also is great at working things out and he uses these skills expertly if imperfectly.

The mystery of the world was compelling. Have you ever had the mystery of a fantasy or dystopian world draw you in but then the story leaves it shrouded in mystery until the very end of the series only for you to be disappointed in the lame explanation?! THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN THIS BOOK! Harrison’s team has been gathering information on the changed world and they have a plan to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Refreshing. The build up of events revealed a little here and a little there in a way that really worked to me. You have to go with Harrison and trust that he’ll figure it out but we learned to trust him that way in the first book!

I always liked Harrison and you come to like him even more in this book as he is forced to deal with a slew of characters all of whom I loved! I particularly enjoyed his conversations with Glimmer about being a couple, Alex about Bess and Apryl about being a jerk. There is a hilarious part about a unicorn and a lesbian president where Harrison is quite humiliated. The story totally showcased Harrison yet the other characters didn’t feel like aimless companions either. An effort was made to develop friendships or at least intriguing relationships between the entire group.

I didn’t enjoy every plot event but they worked together well to give us (and Harrison) all the pieces we needed to work out what needed doing. The journey while another travelouge was always suspenseful and non-linear. You truly didn’t know where he was going with it or how it would turn out. I totally want to see where Harrison is going to take the story next!!


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BOTTOM LINE: A great sequel in an intriguing world!

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The main problem with sequels is expectations not being met… this book wasn’t what I expected at all but it still managed to wow me with an adventurous tale. The entire story was on Harrison’s shoulders and he did really well handling that load but while I love Claudia she did not fill Dorothy’s shoes (you can’t just change teenagers on me – they are NOT the same!)

The end saved the entire series. It explains the redundancy of book 1 in a way that is satisfying. It ratchets up the tension for book 3! And it was a great cap to the mystery of the world that we explored through this book. It really was everything a sequel should be… If you are fans of dystopian worlds, the fae or fantasy set in our world then you are in for a wild ride!!

Thanks to Curiosity Quills Press for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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