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One Lovely Blog Award II

In June I was nominated by the avid reader Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx, a blog where she reviews and talks about books, television and movies. I love dropping by and checking out her advice on how to be a better reader.

The One Lovely Blog Award is a great way to share a little something, something about you with your readers! Thanks so much for the award, please check out her blog!!

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Here are the rules should you choose to accept the award…

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog (pingback to this post!)
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

I already wrote about my personal life last time so I thought this time I would write about me as a reader…

I’m totally a library reader! When I was younger, still living at home, I lined my walk-in closet with homemade bookshelves floor to ceiling. I perpetually bought books because back then I re-read books often… Now there is SOOOO much to read that I normally find books at the library. And I don’t always get hardbacks, a lot of times they are e-books…

I’m an e-book hoarder… Not sure this is something to be excited about but I LOVE e-books! Paper books are great but nowadays I typically read 2 or 3 books at once so having an e-library is the best way to go… with my handy reading app I am prepared to pick up where I left off whenever I have a free moment…

My series graveyard is massive! Okay, okay, I know its a problem and I’m trying to deal with it… I want to do a new feature about series to try to help this disability of mine. *stands up at the podium* My name is Dani and I have a perpetual problem finishing series. There I said it! I LOVE reading first books and I intend to read the second book but I rarely get to it…

I’m not a fan of time travel in books! Jaw dropping, I get it… time travel is a favorite for a lot of readers. It’s also a major LOVE for k-drama fans. I don’t hate the sub-genre but I never feel satisfied by them. I read them many times though… I guess I’m drawn to time travel story lines to try to find one that really resonates with me…

Romance is necessary 9 out of 10 books… Okay odd, but I really enjoy at least a dash of romance in the stories I read. It doesn’t have to be center stage (in fact I prefer when there is other story at work in addition to romance) but I want it somewhere. When I’m not in the mood for love I pick up a middle grade and they hit the romance free spot!

I will read ANY multiple POV (YA) books even though they disappoint me most times. Okay that was a long one… I LOVE multiple POVs, it makes the world feel more real to experience it from at least two perspectives. I love the contrast. It’s very unrealistic that one character is the center of everything so by sharing, if done well, already has engaged me…

I really dislike depressing books… I have trials and problems in my life that I struggle with. I can’t handle when a book is SOOOOOOOOOOOO depressing that by the end of the book it is starting to bleed into my own emotions. If I feel like metaphysically taking my life then the book is too dreary. I NEED hope, otherwise I’ll wither and die…

I nominate…

Lauren @ My Paper Infinity

Mischenko @ Read Rant Rock & Roll

Julianna @ Blots of Ink and Words

Katrina @ Veil of Shadows

Clara @ The Book Goddess

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Nel @ Reactionary Tales

Girl with the Glasses @ Boarding and Books

Sabrina @ 5171 Miles Book Blog

Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

I chose the past 10 commenters on my blog. I’d love to learn more about you! Don’t feel pressured to accept if awards aren’t your thing or if you’ve done this one a thousand times already. You guys are lovely!

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26 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award II”

  1. I *love* your facts!! I’ve always been a massive library reader 😀 And I’ve recently become crazy about how many books I have on my kindle (too many books!!) I have to finish series though- it’s why I’m often scared to start new ones!! Yeahhh I’m not really into time travel too- it just messes up the plot too much and creates too many holes- occasionally it’s alright, but I tend to not pick those books up. I agree that most books need a dash of romance!! And I rarely pick up depressing books, though I do force myself on occasion 😉

  2. Oh, pretty much ALL the books I read are from the library — I’m so broke. 😂😭 And I do love romance, but more of a subplot. I don’t like romance novels where romance is the ACTUAL plot. However, I do think that friendships are equally of value as well! Congrats on getting the award! 😊

    1. Thanks May! Yup I’m all for romance subplot though I can recall a small handful of romance centered books that I loved. As a writer though I wouldn’t make that my choice (love is only a part of life after all!)

      Yes, aren’t we all broke! 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Congratulations! I can’t believe the series thing. I almost feel obligated to finish a series when I started but as I’m saying this there are 2 I can think of that I never finished and multiples I haven’t caught up with yet, haha. I also need a dash of romance! I’m glad that you proudly admit that. Thank you for the nomination! I think I’m going to do with you did and describe myself as a reader too or maybe in terms of what I watch.

    1. YAY! I love that idea and look forward to reading about you as a reader ♥️❤️ romance for the win!

      Actually I kind of feel obligated to finish too so that’s probably why I procrastinate it because I don’t give myself permission to abandon it if I don’t like it or am not feeling it…

  4. I’m a library and ebook reader too! I know that it’s always fun to get new books and to build a library of our own but sometimes I know I’m not going to reread a book. I really think we need to give ebooks more love to, I mean it’s not like the story changes just because it’s not in physical print form.

  5. Oh thank you so much for the nomination, Dani, that’s so sweet of you! ❤ ❤ How do you manage to read two or three books at a time?! I admire you so much ahah, I always focus on only one book at a time. And yay for romance – I love it as well, even when it's on the side of the story 🙂

    1. You are so welcome and it’s so deserved by you!

      I don’t really like reading past 25% in one day. My storycraft eyes and writing sense become compromised. To do a book justice I try not to compress the story that much. So the solution is to read more than one book at a time if I can read that much in one day 😁 so many books and so little time!

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