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Boo’s Picture Gallery: The Flying Hand of Marco B.

My 10-year old nephew and I read books together every week and he draws a picture from the pages that captures his fancy. As a budding bookworm, artist and a child with an autistic aphasia we bond through stories and art.

The Flying Hand of Marco B coverThe Flying Hand of Marco B.

by Richard Leiter
Published April 1st 2015
by Sleeping Bear PressAdd to Goodreads


A young Latino boy loves car rides as he takes a wild journey to the stars… Marco B.’s hand out the window with the wind rushing around it takes him outside the car as he fantasizes about flying.

Boos Art from this Book graphic

The Flying Hand of Marco B drawing

I picked up this book because of the little brown boy on the cover. My nephew is always on the look out for books with characters who look like him… while he’s not Latino he relates to the little boy’s light brown skin… I loved that this was diverse and I don’t think it matters that the MC is Latino or a boy… all children can relate to his imagination!

My nephew really enjoyed the rhyming text right off. It was just sing song enough to be engaging and not be annoying. There were some words that he struggled with but just a couple. My nephew knew that Marco B. was just day dreaming but he still found the story really enjoyable. When the wind tugged Marco B. out the window he was startled!

I liked the simple, clean art. The close up frames were my favorite as the spreads were rather plainly composed. My nephew knew right away he wanted to draw the picture where Marco B. and his mom were going into the house together. The art was perfect for him to practice drawing from which was a plus!

The message was a little muddled in the end, fun but muddled. He talks about how no one noticed or is mad (a lovely message about your imagination) but then he promises not to go on adventures like this (after freaking out that he can’t get down) then says he lied to himself, he knows he’ll do it anyway. Just an odd way to phrase a wild flight of imagination and the aftermath of coming back down the earth.

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BOTTOM LINE: A fun and simple book for kids to read in the car!



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