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Fangirl Filmography: Lee Min-ho

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m so excited!! I have been DYING TO PARTICIPATE in Jackie’s new meme called Fierce Fangirl Friday and NOW I AM!!! (Okay, excuse time… I knew I wanted these posts to be about my biggest, MOST HUGE fangirling subject… yes, you probably already guessed… K-DRAMAS!! And I wasn’t ready last month…*imagine that last bit in teeny tiny words*) Okay, now I gave it away in my title but I’m going to talk about my love of LEE MIN-HO!!!

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Now take a look at that face!

He is why I watch K-dramas! I know YOU WANT TO WATCH them now too, am I right?! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to show here… it is REALLY tempting to just copy and paste 100 gifs and crash your phone or computer but I will TRY to constrain myself! It’s all about the acting… I think the gifs speak for themselves so I’m going to squeeeee over WHY I LOVE THIS ACTOR (even though I can only understand him when he uses one of the 250 words I know in Korean – no worries though there are subtitles – you get used to them) It is SOOO WORTH IT! #sorrynotsorry

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Click the movie or show titles to be taken to the reviews (if there is one)!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

This is the second show I watched with him in and I can see why IT IS A GATEWAY TO FANDOM for many of his fans!! His intensity is OFF THE CHARTS and he never wavers in his feelings for Geum Jan Di. It is trope filled and campy GOODNESS transitioning from high school to adulthood!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Jeon Jin-ho in Personal Taste (2010)

ACK! The premise for this show is TOO CUTE! Koreans are EXPERTS at combining hilarious hijinks with misunderstandings and QUITE SERIOUS drama. When he allows Park Kae-in to ASSUME HE IS GAY he never would have thought to fall for the bumbling mess of a woman… THE THINGS HE REALIZES, the CHANGE HE INSPIRES! And HIS CLOTHES, lol (Lee Min-ho is QUITE STYLISH!)

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Yoon-sung in City Hunter (2011)

City Hunter - Fight Scene

This is the second Korean drama I ever watched and it is still ranked high up on my favorite k-dramas EVER!! He works to get justice while he races against his adopted father’s more nefarious methods and staves off the prosecutor who believes he’s up to no good. Along the way he meets Kin Nana a Blue House body guard (THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!) If you want to convert your boyfriend too THIS IS THE SHOW!!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Choi Young in Faith (2012) Need to Finish!

In this role he perhaps gets the CLOSEST TO PLAYING HIMSELF… He sleeps whenever he gets the chance but is the TOP in his field as a general for his king. His ability to show BEFUDDLEMENT is to die for as he comes to the future for a doctor. He FILLS OUT HIS CLOTHES quite nicely but again it is his rock solid intensity that keeps you hooked to the screen!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Kim Tan in The Heirs (2013)

This is considered the #1 Korean show to watch! He uses all his broody skills to woo Cha Eun-sang when he meets her in America. Gah!!! His expressions of intensity are to die for… Eun-sang knows that rich people are not going to stick around for the long haul with a girl like her so she resists. RESISTS and RESISTS some more!! (How did she EVER manage it?! – You’ll have to watch to see!)

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Min-ho in Line Romance (2014) Need to See!

A Chinese web drama (he is mega popular outside Korea) – I’VE NOT SEEN THIS! A story of a female Chinese tourist named Ling Ling, goes to Korea and falls in love with Min Ho, a music producer with both talent and good looks. Due to their language barrier, the two people use the mobile messenger app LINE to communicate with one another. I have been falling in love with Chinese dramas lately and LOOK FORWARD TO FINDING THIS!!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple 1970 Kim Jong-dae in Gangnam Blues (Movie 2015)

This is Lee Min-ho breaking into adult movies… a period piece it is all moody sets and gang fights in the mud. He is quite the little fighter in this! BUT THE ROMANCE!! IT IS TOTALLY FORBIDDEN AND I TOTALLY CRIIIIIIIED AT THE END! DON’T BE UPSET!!

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Yi San in Bounty Hunters (Movie 2016)

I included this movie because I wanted to bring a TOUCH OF REALITY to this fan rant… He was not good in this *again imagine that last bit in teeny tiny words* NOT that he sucked but they didn’t use all of the things he is good at… his moody intensity, his masterful skill for comedy (he was the straight man – WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY?!) or even his charm…

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Lee Min-ho in First Seven Kisses (2016)

GAHHHH! This show is so adorable!! I’ve seen every spot now… it is a web drama, they are about 15 minutes a piece and Lee Min-ho plays one of the seven men Min Soo-jin can choose from for her first kiss… COMMIT TO WATCHING THIS VIDEO AND BE CONVERTED (into a Lee Min-ho fan)!! Which Fantasy Choice Wowed Her?

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Rating Heart Pink Purple Kim Dam-ryeong/Heo Joon-jae in The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) Need to Finish!

I started this when it first came out but the streaming service I used was not working right… I watched the first couple episodes and it is SOOO GOOD, especially when we go BACK IN TIME to Josean era and he first meets mermaid, Shim Cheong! He and the woman he co-stared with are COMEDIC GENIUSES!

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*There are earlier roles but they are his growing years and you won’t be interested unless you become a fan… now you have something to look forward to… you’re welcome!

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Talented, huh!? Swirl Short Line purple

He is the best actor I know as being irritated, arrogant and kinda mean and yet you are totally suckered by it! YES! He perpetuates the stereotypes…

Dani SignatureThanks for reading, XOXO



16 thoughts on “Fangirl Filmography: Lee Min-ho”

  1. Hahahahah this was such a cute post. There was a period after my anime/manga phase in high school were I explored k-drama and japanese dramas (especially mystery/cop/procedural shows). They were really unique and I can see why someone could get hooked to them too hahah I would’ve totally joined your fan-girling if one there were a bit more.. women actresses in here hahahah Glad to see you could share your love for this one actor though! 😀

    1. I have a couple female actresses I adore so I’ll have to do one of them soon 😁 thanks for appreciating this… actually I’m glad I waited and read your comments all together… you really love to explore different mediums and styles and genres… I can really appreciate that! City Hunter is pretty great and while I fixated on the romance, the action/revenge/justice plot worked as well if not better.

  2. One of my close friends is obsessed with The Heirs and all these sound amazing, but the movie I’m about to search for is Line Romance because I wanna see how the two mains communicate!! Loved this post and like it’s not news, you did wonderful!

  3. Gosh yes yes!!! He’s the reason I watch them too!! Though I have just started this year and watched only Personal Taste and The Legend of the Blue Sea. I hope I can watch all the rest soon enough!!!! *Dies fangirling!!*

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