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Sunshine Blogger Award II

Sunshine Blogger Award

In May I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely and very British Beth @ Reading Every Night, a book blog where you can find super thoughtful discussions and comprehensive reviews. It’s great to discuss her thoughts about the book community; I recommend everyone check it out!


  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Beth’s Questions

Would you rather witness the beginning of the earth or the ending of the earth and why?

The end of the earth.

In writing I think the ends of things are much cooler and harder to write well and realistically.  So if I’ve got to choose between the two I think the end of the earth will be much more shattering and compelling than most people believe.

cropped-new-perspective-of-a-writer-banner31.pngWhy did you call your blog what you did?

I’m working on a book series and I learned a lot about writing from reading and sussing out whether the story craft in books worked or didn’t and figuring out how I would re-write them or improve them. The reviews I write are basically from my perspective as a writer, my focus is slightly different from other readers.

What social cause do you feel the strongest about (e.g. LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, etc.)?

Mental Illness.

My extended family has quite a number of various mental illnesses and most people are ignorant about them. Or they only understand the stereotypes. There is a little boy in my family who is a high functioning autistic and because he doesn’t have the classic issues he IS NOT treated properly at school. People don’t realize that they unconsciously expect certain behavior if they can’t SEE a visible sign of mental illness. Actually it makes my blood boil… there is so much prejudice happening that is not simple or clear cut.

Give five amazing bloggers a shout-out, share the love.

The bloggers I listed down below in my nominations are all bloggers I love!! I also have a feature I do every Saturday with bloggers whose posts I loved that week called This Week’s Appreciation, check it out here.

Manga Fangirl

Post a picture of a beautiful book cover.

A Thousand Pieces of You cover

Pick your two favourite characters of all time. Now sacrifice one! (The universe is at stake)

Meg and Simon from The Others series

The Other series by Anne Bishop

I’d sacrifice Meg because I believe that she would rather Simon be the one who stays. Without his steadying influence she very well could go the way of her addictions to the cutting she does so her life would probably be cut short anyway. (Harsh but true!) I love this about her… it may seem too kind or Mary Sue to some readers but those who know what it means to lose something at times are the first ones to step up when things need losing.

If the apocalypse was coming and you had to evacuate Earth, what are three things you would take with you (both bookish and non-bookish items accepted)?

Jeremy - Youre Beautiful Aprons

This question inspires so many more questions… do I have a way to charge my tablet? What is my method of leaving earth? Is their technology more advanced than ours? Is everything being supplies for my basic needs to be met? Do I need weapons to survive? What is the space looking like for my belongings? Is everyone from earth allowed to come or are only a few chosen? Can I substitute people for belongings if not everyone is allowed?

We have a ton more talking to do before I can possibly decide such an essential question…

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Invest the principle and not touch it for several years. It may be my practical side but retirement is costing more and more for retirees every year.

Actually I’d say don’t waste money on a lottery ticket at all and save my pennies!

Share one of your favourite quotes!

Wonder Quote

Quoted from Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Raquel Jaramillo.

Gork The Teenage Dragon coverTell us about the last book you read; what did you love/hate about it?

The last book I read was one I DNFed called Gork, the Teenage Dragon. I didn’t hate it but I couldn’t read it completely through either… read my thoughts tomorrow!


Share one song that you feel would be a perfect fit for your favourite book character.

“Monster” by k-pop group Big Bang.

The words don’t really apply at all to this couple (Meg and Simon) but the idea of a monster (or a shape-shifter) being loved and then forcibly being parted that fits beautifully…

“A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
An extinction from the world to the point where I’d go crazy
Your existence is a chronic disease, a repitition of pain
You’re a lingering attachment in my heart”

My Questions

1. If you had to chose a dystopian world to be sent to, which would it be and why?

2. What are your favorite blog posts to write and why?

3. Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?

4. What types of characters do you love most? (i.e. like genre but for characters, examples: strong female, hot love interest, nerds, pirates, if you can group them and love them, name them!)

5. If you could teleport to any city in the world which would it be? If you had to make your way home on you own would it still be the same city?

6. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? (i.e. the premise, type of characters, world?)

7. If a band were to be featured in a fictional story, which would you want it to be and why?

8. What book describes you best? (Is it a particular character, the cover or the story?)

9. Favorite book universe and why? (Is it the friends you would have, the world you would live in or the abilities/circumstances you would be in?)

10. What is your favorite book pet? Real pet? Ultimate pet?

11. If you’d humor me and look at this post I wrote about Korean dramas… which banner looks like it has a story you would be interested in reading/watching?

I Nominate

As I understand it, the Sunshine Blogger Award is for blogs that are positive, creative, and inspirational. Plus I added my own twist and picked quirky, fun and different bloggers!

Jackie B. @ Death by Tsundoku
The Orangutan Librarian @ The Orangutan Librarian
Danielle @ Books, Vertigo and Tea!
Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books
Julianna @ Blots of Ink and Words
Frankie @ A Thousand Lives of Frankie Lovely
Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx
Amelie @ Scary Pear
Poulami @ Daydreaming Books
Olga @ Olga’s Oddish Obsession
Chelsea @ Spotlight on Stories

I’d love to read your responses but please don’t feel pressured! It’s completely up to you if you want to respond or not… (I know some of you won’t be able to do this for a while if not ever… Nevertheless I wanted you to know I appreciated you!)

Sunshine Blogger Award logo

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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36 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award II”

  1. Dani, your the sweetest!! Your posts are always fantastic and your blog format is beautiful. I can see why you would want to view the end of the world because there are a variety of stories for how the world began and their sure, but no one can predict the future. Your response to the third question broke me because I’ve seen it too many times. I went to a friend’s party who’s cousin has autism and during the whole thing, people kept staring at him like he sprouted a dozen arms out of nowhere. Additionally, a “popular girl” at my school said that she wouldn’t care about teasing an autistic kid. After that, I never spoke to her again… My dad just went into retirement and yes, it is costing too much so if I ever win the lottery, that’s where it’s going! Your quote is magnificent and thank you so much for nominating me, Dani! I will do it, for sure!

      1. No problem!! It’s dreadfully true and I hope overtime more people can see that. I’m actually about to start working on it once I finish another post so I’m about to have a partayy!

      2. AW THANK YOU! I’ve been loading them up like a canon for September! It’s difficult to not just press the Publish button on everything!!

  2. Great answers for this tag Dani. Oh I loved the cover you picked, the whole of the Firebird series is one of my all-time favourites and I’m not ashamed to admit part of that is because of the gorgeous covers it had. I also love how you picked the end of the world rather than the beginning, you’re the first person I’ve seen who’s picked that option.
    That’s a great quote too, I’d never heard it before but I feel like it’s going to become one of my favourites as well.
    Again great answers for this tag, and thanks for taking part as well. 😀

    1. It’s great to know you love the firebird series I’ve gotten conflicting reports about it! I still linger over them though because of the covers 👍🏻 Wonder is a middle grade book, it’s quite good and he quotes several great thoughts from other people. Thanks for nominating me ❤️

  3. Thank you so much for including me ❤ I love these answers and want to also applaud you for giving the shout out to mental illness! It has affected my life and family on a personal level and does not discriminate. It is so important to raise awareness! You are wonderful. You have provided some fun questions I see 😉 Bookmarked this for reference. I think it is time to log for a bit, but this sounds fun!

  4. The cover you picked is stunning – the whole series has such beautiful covers, I don’t think I’ll ever be over how pretty they are ahah. Also, I really loved learning how your blog’s name was born, it is such a great and original idea for sure, I love it ❤
    Thank you so much for tagging me, that's so sweet of you! ❤ I'll try and get to it, I don't know when but I will, your questions are so cool 😀

  5. Thank you so much! And I would totally put all that money in the bank and never go near it! I feel like we all need to be a bit better at saving money and controlling our urges, especially in this day and age where we can just tap a card and buy too many things.

  6. Congratulations, Dani! ❤️
    And awesome answers 🙂 I don’t know which one would be more striking: the beginning or the end of the world… Hmm.
    We still have a long way to go in regards to mental illness, for sure. But I have hopes for better days when society will be more accepting of it.
    Also, great quote 😊

  7. Congratulations and omg I’m currently elbow deep in Etched in Bone and I’m so in love with this series. I’m not ready to have to wait for the next book!

      1. I’m at 56%. This book is definitely being finished tonight especially since I’m cursing a certain brother of a certain officer right now and want to know how and by whom he’s gonna be handled.

  8. Those selected lyrics to Monster are beautiful! And if it were like a $100,000 lottery… I’d probably spend some money on books. Just saying. XD I’d probably want to see the beginning of the earth just to see who’s right or wrong in the ongoing debate. XD But seeing the end of the world would be soooo cool! And YEEES to mental illness! There are just SO many stigmas and I hate it — it’s not treated as seriously as it should me and it kills me!

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