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This Week’s Appreciation #10

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I’ve pulled three things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts! Feel free to participate…

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Superhero Movies

From Lashaan @ Bookidote, my go to guy for all things comics and mainstream books (that I didn’t know I wanted to read until after I read his reviews)… He is a big fan of superheroes and did this perfect post (totally aimed at someone like me) about the upcoming superhero movies with trailers and reading suggestions that will get you up to date on these character’s back histories. I now have a list of movies so I’ll be prepared for the Justice League movie (and I even have the first one to watch, go library!) Check out his and his co-blogger, Trang’s posts!

Pitch Wars 2017

From Jade @ Jade Writes Books, an avid reader of YA fiction and the writer of 3 completed manuscripts who is now preparing to enter Pitch Wars for the third year. She lays out a run down of her characters and plot… I thought it quite compelling and thought out.  There is also a link at the bottom with a linkup for the other #pimpmybio contestants… its a great way to get a handle on what pitch wars is all about if you are new to it!!

25 Underrated YA Must Reads

From Paige (& Meg) @ YA Books Daily, they are recent high school graduates who love blogging about everything young adult but are forced to take hiatus for school at times… but now they are back and better than ever. I caught one of their mega posts with 25 of the most underrated must read books out there… I LOOOOVE how they went in depth why they love these underrated books! I only recognized one trilogy on the whole list, lol, so a lot TBR… Check it out…

That’s it for week #10’s edition of This Week’s Appreciation… Can you believe I’ve made the big 1-0 (posts not years)?! Have you seen any superhero movies? Are you planning to see Justice League? Are any of our blogger writers planning to try for pitch wars soon? Someday? What are your underrated must reads? Any recommendations? Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful!

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Appreciation #10”

      1. Sweeeeet!! 😛 Will we be hearing your thoughts on it in some future post? 😀 If not, how was it? It isn’t exactly an Oscar-worthy Big Picture nominee, but fun was definitely spread all over it! 😛

  1. Going to check out YA Books Daily as soon as I get done writing this comment. Really love this idea of showcasing other blogs in the community this way and spreading the word❤️

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