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My First 6-Months as a Guest Post Author

I love and adore indie publishers and how they work so tirelessly to showcase the work of their authors. I found Curiosity Quills Press on Netgalley and formed a lovely relationship with them as a reviewer (they have the BEST covers in the sci-fi/fantasy publishing world!) and then as a guest post author. I wanted to look back on my time on their site as I head into the next six months of guest posting…

Just click the banners or “read more” to take a look at my guest posts!

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25 January 2017

Jan - Life Lessons Banner

Video games are seriously addicting. For whatever reason you play, the game world mimics one thing better than real life: success. As we reach each level, our advancements in the game imbues us with the power to keep leveling. We seek this power for our real lives. …READ MORE.

10 February 2017

Feb - Unique Couples Banner

I love relationships of every kind, color and make-up. Those between siblings, a parent and child, two friends – either of the same sex or of the opposite sex. There are also ones where strangers become allies, or enemies must work together for a common goal. Then there is the pièce de résistance of relationships, couples. So in honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve gathered a list of my favorite unique couples – the quirkier the better… Bring the war on! …READ MORE.

29 March 2017

Mar - Opposition Villains Banner

There are many kinds of antagonists: nature, society, self. These sometimes don’t even have a human face to them, they can be a mega-storm, a dystopian government or dealing with jealousy, shyness or guilt. In fact most stories deal with some kind of internal struggle with your self and many are set in a society that causes conflict. Today we’re going to talk about the human variety of antagonists and their benefits for your story! …READ MORE.

10 April 2017

Apr - Trying New Things K-dramas Banner

A universal element to be found in all k-dramas as well as beloved by Americans is humor. Everyone can relate to those funny moments that break tension and lighten the soul. I’ve gathered 5 of the funniest k-dramas to tickle your funny bone… READ MORE.

23 May 2017

May - Loving Mother in Fiction Banner

I started to wonder about mothers and how media like books, movies, and television are portraying them. Do we really have a deficient number of mothers doing their best and succeeding? Being more aware of mothers this month I performed a little experiment. I didn’t search out lists to find these but looked at the media I was consuming or had recently consumed and not thought about the mother’s effect on the protagonists’ life. I found many books where a mother’s loss was front and center to motivations but I was truly surprised by how many mothers out there go about living quietly and without fanfare. READ MORE.

14 June 2017

Jun - Teaching Grit Banner

Recently I read an article (Forbes online leadership article: 5 Characteristics Of Grit — How Many Do You Have? By Margaret M. Perlis) about the characteristics of grit and how important it is for success. In the article it says: According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, grit in the context of behavior is defined as “firmness of character; indomitable spirit.” Strength is a much touted personality trait that is a part of nearly every protagonist you read about these days. Sadly, grit seems to be a dying quality, but it can be taught… Seeing as we have Father’s Day this month I thought I’d examine some of the fathers who teach the essential characteristics found in grit… READ MORE.

Triangle Color BarGuest posts have several excellent benefits! They get you outside your comfort zone (you comply with a topic each month) that allows you to be creative (how can you wow within that topic?) They also have to potential to expand your reach. I made a goal to write for Curiosity Quills Press every month because it made me uncomfortable. And it has been such an empowering journey!

What has been your experience with guest posts? Do you love to write them? Do you love to host guest posts?

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9 thoughts on “My First 6-Months as a Guest Post Author”

  1. It it sooooo cool that you did that! YOU JUST BECOME MORE AND MORE AWESOME EACH TIME YOU KNOW THAT????!!!
    I never really realised you could develop a relationship with the publisher like that and it is so awesome you did!

    Now I need to go and read those posts of yours! BYE! 🙂

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