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Top 5 Hate to Love Ships, K-drama Style

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This week’s topic is Hate to Love Ships. Ask and you may receive. By request, a topic all about your favorite hate to love romances! I love this topic but not for book romances… I’m a total sucker for k-drama romances that feature the trope hate to love! Here are my top 5 hate to love ships from the k-drama world…

#5 – Jae-ha and Hang-ah

King2Hearts - Couple concern

From The King 2 Hearts

Set in an alternate modern-day South Korea, Lee Jae-ha is the younger brother of the constitutional monarch. He hates politics and is resistant to doing any of his duties as heir. When he is tricked into a joint military collaboration with North Korea he meets, Kim Hang-ah, a North Korean Special Forces Officer who get over their mutual dislike for one another by completing their mission!

Their hatred for one another was so bad at first that it was hard to watch the first four episodes, like a care wreck that you can’t look away from, but once they fell for one another you were equally compelled to see them happy!

#4 – Jae-yeol and Hae-soo

Its Okay Thats Love - Bloody couple

From It’s Okay, That’s Love

Jang Jae-yeol is a successful author of bestselling novels and a radio DJ who hides the obsessive–compulsive disorder he suffers from. Ji Hae-soo is a psychiatrist on her first year of fellowship who locks horns with her new housemate (him) when they meet. The bickering slowly turns to love as he helps her with her commitment issues and she helps him overcome a deep-seated mental health issue from the past.

The line between patient and doctor is very thin as we are shown their is no stigma in having mental health issues. These two career successful, relationship failures spark in more ways than one… they make overcoming their issues a wild ride!

#3 – Tae-kyung and Mi Nyeo

Youre Beautiful - Truth about Mom

From You’re Beautiful

A nun poses as her twin brother to save his spot with the k-pop band A.N.Jell. When the leader, arrogant Hwang Tae-kyung learns he is a she Tae-kyung is determined to reveal it, but the more he learns of Go Mi Nam the more resistant he is to letting her go. As Mi-nyeo struggles to hide her secret from the media while performing with A.N.JELL, she discovers her mother’s past, which is somehow connected with Tae-kyung.

Jang Keun-suk makes the funniest expressions in this role! I mean it is so hard to hate on Go Mi Nam but he is so over the top you totally believe he selfishly dislikes her… and as he softens toward her the story gets serious and you know their time together is limited…

#2 – Joong-won and Gong-shil

Masters Sun - Grabbing Hand

From Master’s Sun

Joo Joong-won the chaebol CEO of a department store and hotel is stingy and greedy when he meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil, who started seeing ghosts after an accident. As they investigate each ghost haunting her they overcome the extreme of their economic circustances and reveal secrets about the kidnapping from his past.

These two!! They are both excellent actors who make it a joy to watch this girl who doesn’t care who he is because his touch banishes those haunting her and this guy who is so selfish soften and come to care that she is scared and traumatized!

#1 – Joo-won and Ra-im

Secret Garden Banner

From Secret Garden

Gil Ra-im, a stuntwoman, and Kim Joo-won, a high-end department store CEO meet when he resolves a scadal for his cousin Oska, a famous singer and he mistakes her identity. At first they totally repel one another but as he finds her on his mind he decides to pursue her with a little help from her parents that have passed…

This show is a total mixture of fantasy, comedy, romance cliches done right and at the center of it are two people determined not to be together. As they are thrown together again and again they will go on a journey that will change their lives forever!

I could NOT help changing this list to a k-drama one… hate to love ships are a favorite trope in the drama world and there are countless more that I could list… this is a few of my absolute favorite and you would find many of these on any list of best k-dramas…

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Thanks for Reading, XOXO

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