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Top 10 Tuesday: Series to Read ASAP

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to share Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t. Anyone else have a mile long list of series to start like I do?? I have a slew of series that everyone but me seems to have read and it’s starting to drive me crazy…

What series have you been meaning to start?
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#10 – The Grisha Trilogy

Shadow and Bone coverThere has been a ton of controversy surrounding this series based on Russian culture that I find fascinating as a writer creating my own series. In order to weight in I’ve got to read the series.



#9 – Incarceron Trilogy

Incarceron coverI am a total fan of post-apocalyptic stories and books in the dystopian genre many times becomes a sort of fantasy post-apocalyptic. This seems the case for this series which is really exciting!


#8 – The Great Library series

Ink & Bone coverA world where personal books are forbidden and libraries hold the power! A sort of dystopian based on the Great Library of Alexandria… wow! Plus the supporting characters sounds divine! This would also be my first Rachel Caine series…



#7 – The Diabolic series

The Diabolic coverSci-fi dystopia where a girl named Nemesis is a weapon and must go undercover to save her charge! Sign me up!! Plus Nemesis learns that there is something stronger than her deadly force: the one thing she’s been told she doesn’t have – humanity.Yes!


#6 – The Bone Season series

The Bone Season coverA girl breaks into people’s minds for a living (as a dreamwalker) and because of that she is kidnapped and forced to work at a secret location. Labeled dystopia with clairvoyants… you are starting to see a pattern here, aren’t you?!



#5 – Wayfarers Series

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet coverAmong a crew of wormhole builders, humanity is a minor species. A patched-up construction vessel hops from planet to planet, this is an everyday sort of ship, just trying to get from here to there. Another book blogger suggested this to me and it sounds so good! I love world building and different cultures…


#4 – Six of Crows Duology

Six of Crows coverI’m not terribly fond of heist stories in any form or world, but the outcast crew of this heist sound inspiring, breathtaking and crazy good. I’m actually relying a lot on hype at this moment but I look forward to all the background history. I am a total fan of relationships in their any forms and complexity so bring it on!


#3 – A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy

A Court of Thorns and Roses coverThe final installment is all over my blog feed and I have yet to even touch the hem of this series. I LOVE faerie based worlds so really need to start this ASAP. If I had realized sooner that a faerie world was at its core, I’d already have read book 1…


#2 – Shades of Magic Trilogy

A Darker Shade of Magic coverAs a writer myself four alternate worlds seem a lot to juggle… but I am a fan of magical realism ala Harry Potter. While I realize there is probably no comparison they do seem to fall into a similar vein, plus I love books about London!



#1 – Legend series

Legend coverMany, many bloggers rave about Marie Lu and I would love to understand why! This sounds dark and dystopian though it is labeled adventure sci-fi (is that a thing?) This is all for the hype… will I regret it?!



What series have been on your TBR too long? Please leave the link to your post and I’ll check it out!

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Thanks for reading! XOXO,

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73 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Series to Read ASAP”

  1. Oh yes, I read all about the Russian controversy- I actually found it funny, cos the things she got wrong were really silly- like her choice of drink they all got drunk on being the equivalent of cider and the fact that their power is the equivalent of “Greg” in Russian- which I already knew cos I’ve read Russian books before (actually ditto with her bad use of feminine and masculine names) but overall that series was fun. I seriously need to read Six of Crows and Shades of Magic is amazing!! Great post! 😀

  2. I just finished A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet and it is so fantastic! You’re going to love it, everyone I’ve spoken to does 😀 I actually have The Diabolic in my bag ready to start next, I’m hoping I like it, I love the premise and the cover is so pretty!
    Great list ❤

  3. Ahh!! Yes! I’ve been seeing the Shades of Magic Trilogy just about everywhere on my Goodreads buddies’ TBR pile! Its been buried in my own for weeks now (and yet I continue to add more to the pile *eek*)!
    Great haul, and happy reading ! 😀

  4. #2 has been on my TBR a LITTLE too long. The hype for it seems to never die too. I also feel like I’ll LOVE that series a lot. Sooo looking forward to trying it out. You should totally try Six of Crows out (at least the first book). I adored it. It was also beautifully written too! Characters were soooo well drawn out. I’m 50-50 with wanting to read the Grisha trilogy. Because I loved Six of Crows, I want to try it out, but because it’s not so “criminal” as Six of Crows, I can’t tell if it’ll have everything I’d love in it. Love the idea behind this TTT. Pretty sure we could do a top 100000 if you ask me hahahah

    1. I’m split on whether I should read Six of Crows next or start the Shades of Magic. I love London so Shades calls out to me… but SoC will be easier to finish so I can talk about it. Grisha seems more about fighting dark creatures than a heist…? Thanks for your recommends!

  5. Well you will be happy to know that you are in good company 😉 I have not started any of these. I have a few of them here and a copy of Ink and Bone on the way. I just selected it for my Blogging for Books title.

  6. This is a great list. So many series I want to read which I didn’t even *think* of for my TBR! I read Six of Crows, but not The Grisha, so obviously I should read that. I did really enjoy Six of Crows— I think the character development is on POINT. Plus, I love witty banter, and there is plenty of that amongst our characters. It’s brilliant. If only for the characters you should read that.

    Legend isn’t on my TBR any longer. I’ve seen too many controversial posts about Marie Lu’s writing. Some of my favorite bloggers aren’t impressed with her. I might be a bit harsh here, but there are too many other books I want to read for this to be higher up on my TBR. I’d read it for book club, though. It’s not like I *won’t* read her works, I just won’t prioritize them.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Every time a reader champions Six of Crows it goes up my list! I’m so happy to hear you love it. I totally put Legend on there for Marie Lu hype and wanted to hear what other readers thought. If it’s that split I probably won’t love it which sends it down the list. Thanks for sharing Jackie! This is exactly what I need for these TBRs!

    2. Legend … I read that book because someone told me it was the ‘best’ book ever . Idk what that was about after reading it . Like people were shipping Day and June forever and I can’t even start loving them . While hype is a killer for any book , Legend wasn’t nice because there was really nothing amazing in it .

  7. Ahhh you have to read the Shades of Magic series, I feel like you could LOVE it, Dani! I haven’t read Six of Crows yet either but I keep hearing fantastic things about this little crew so I’m eager to get to know them all! 🙂
    Great post 🙂

      1. REALLY- ME TOO?! I really LOVE London, it’s my favorite city in the world so far. It’d be a dream to live there ❤
        You're welcome! ❤

  8. The books are either on my read shelf or on the tbr . I’ve had some trilogies on the tbr for so long , thanks for he boost . It’s high time I got around to reading them .

      1. Thanks ^_^ I’ve found a friend in the book community finally ! I’m so glad I found you on twitter 🙂

  9. Love your list! SOC made it onto my T10T, too. I don’t know if you’re on FB, or if you like buddy reads, but if you do, the book group I admin is reading The Bone Season for our July BOTM. 🙂 No pressure of course haha, but if you want the link let me know!

    1. I’ve never buddy read a book before! That sounds like fun… I’d love the link! I have my July pretty full of ARCs that are due but if I knock some off quickly I could read it or I could see what you are reading in August! (I know, I know I’m crazy to schedule what books I read but I’m a relatively slow reader…) Thanks Destiny! I didn’t know you admired a book group, that’s really cool and I look forward to seeing what it’s about…

      1. I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner! My kiddo’s birthday was yesterday so I haven’t been on much. Here is the link!: We would love to have you. It’s a closed group so just request to join and we’ll approve you. 🙂 Would you mind commenting back here and letting me know when you send the request so I can make sure it gets accepted? We get lots and lots of spam requests everyday so sometimes I worry we might accidentally deny the wrong requests lol. We usually try to decide the following month’s book around the midpoint of the previous month, if that makes sense, so we’ll be deciding August’s read sometime around mid-July? And thanks! I look forward to seeing you there! ❤

  10. YES YES YES. SoC is AMAZING and you MUST read it. And ADSOM!!! While ADSOM was hard to read for me, AGOS and ACOL were A M A Z I N G. And Legend!!! There are mixed reviews but I personally LOVED IT. I think the series got better as it went on, so definitely keep reading if you like it!

  11. I love your list, so many great books on here. 🙂 I hadn’t heard about any of the controversy over the Grisha trilogy! I enjoyed the series, although not nearly as much as the Six of Crows duology, which I LOVED. Love the Shades of Magic series and The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet too (I’ll be reading A Closed and Common Orbit in the next month). The Diabolic series and The Great Library series are both on my tbr.

    1. YOU are the one who suggested The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet to me 😂🌈🌟❤️ so thanks! I’ve heard great things about the Grisha series from other bloggers too so I’m going to go for it drama aside. Thanks for sharing with me Chelsea!

  12. haha… I can confirm I have not read any of these books but I have recently bought these books so maybe soon?
    I love this post and ALL OF THOSE BOOKS ARE ON MY TBR LIST!!!!! 🙂

  13. I really enjoyed Legend as a series but could not with her other series. Shades of Magic and Six of Crows are both great series. I have the first Incarceron book and your description makes me want to move it up on my need to read pile a little higher. It was a bit low to be honest.

  14. I really liked the Legend series when I read it, although I discovered later that there were better books. It’s a slightly different take on a dystopia, and Marie Lu’s writing style is quite captivating.

    1. I have been hearing a lot about it! I’m glad to know that the strength of the book is in the creativity! That is right up my alley and I love dystopia!!

      (I found your comment in my SPAM! And I saved it today so sorry for the late, late reply!)

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