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Top 10 Characters for Potential Dads

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to share a Father’s Day related Freebie! I love these freebie list topics as their is more room for creativity in our lists and so more reason to blog hop and comment. That’s always a good thing! So I love the idea of good dads and already wrote a guest post over at Curiosity Quills about it so I really had to put my thinking cap on… I love characters so I chose males that I think would make great fathers someday!

What characters have you read that have great Dad potential?

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#1 – Tybalt

From October Daye series

The king of the Cait Sidhe or Dreaming Cats, he already has an heir in Raj, his teenage nephew and has trained him well. Having a child with Toby though who is the daughter of Amandine and a rare Daoine Sidhe, a blood worker… can you imagine their child’s gifts? And how snarky and gorgeous?

#2 – Simon Wolfgard

From The Other Series

The leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, he has a lot of responsibility but none so important than his nephew, Sam whose mother died violently in front of him. The poor pup had to be locked up in a cage which practically killed his uncle… So when he sees hope in freeing his nephew he works to make that happen…

#3 – Fian

From The Earth Girl Series

Jarra has been a hard girl to deal with yet Fian stuck by her even after all her lies. He stayed calm and yet is totally passionate and those are good qualities in a dad… I see them having a slew of girls and they all are passionate about archaeology like their parents. I imagine some are “apes” and dad helps them deal with that…

#4 – Eli

From Not a Drop to Drink

One of the reasons I wanted to write this post is for a character like this who does not have an opportunity for a future. He is a city boy trying to protect his sister in a water deprived land. He doesn’t have the skills Lynn has but I think that he had the heart to learn. He wanted to protect and serve and he could have learned what was necessary.

#5 – Akiva

From Daughter of Smoke and Bone series

A seraphim who is in love with a chimaera in a human shell he has a lot of daddy issues. Having just won a war and learned who he is and where his mother came from he is ripe to settle down. He has mad fighting skills to teach a crop of sons… though I’m not sure how the whole chimaera and seraphim will work out in offspring…

#6 – Inari

From Red Winter Trilogy

As one of the Kunitsukami, the earth gods who protect, he embodies fire. He can shape changed into a 9 tailed fox and is quite soft and cuddly in his non-battle form. He is mischievous and a perfect playmate to a child and capable in protecting them as they explore the yokai world. And he can bring on the cold when discipline is needed!

#7 – Khalid

From The Wrath and the Dawn series

The Caliph of Khorasan has been cursed to kill a thousand brides and only through the efforts of his beloved wife Shazi has he been freed. I think after all he’s experienced that he understands the value of life and family. He understands what a father should be and would love to see a miniature Shazi…

#8 – Rider

From The Problem with Forever

About to age out of the foster care system Rider knows what it means to be abused and that sometimes all it takes to survive is someone to love. I think he wouldn’t waste one day telling his children that he loves them. He’d mentor the boys in whatever they wanted to do and protect the girls.

#9 – Takaomi Saeki

From Oresama Teacher manga series

A delinquent whose affection formed Mafuyu into a good and kind master fighter he has come a long way from his youth and is now a teacher. I totally see him settling down and helping his rough and tumble girls and boys be good and kind delinquents with a heavy dash of mischievous mystery.

#10 – Harrison Cody

From Mayhem Wave series

Left on his own after his world melded with a future tech filled earth and a fantasy world he comes across Mitchell a little boy hiding in a futuristic train station. He gets the boy to trust him and takes him to a city where the little boy can start over.With nary a love interest in sight he’ll have to find a girl to settle down…

Do you have characters who you think will make great dads when the time comes? Please leave the link to your post and I’ll check it out!

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Thanks for reading! XOXO,

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Characters for Potential Dads”

  1. oh man! I feel so lost in cause and so behind!!! I have not read any of these books so I couldn’t really share my opinion of them! *cries*

    A character who makes a good father? Hm…..

    Ah dammit, I can’t really think of any from the top of my head. I have just had a blank moment, I feel so silly! XD

  2. Harry Potter is one who comes to mind as a great book dad. I haven’t heard of any of the books on your list. Perhaps I should look into them. Thank you for sharing! #GetSocial17

  3. OH I love this post. The only book I’ve read here is The Wrath and The Dawn, and I can just see Khalid taking care of a mini-Shazi right now. That would be SO cute.

    1. Okay I have to admit that none of these guys are dads… they’ve had experience most of them… I can just see them being good dads. I wrote a guest post about dads in fiction and couldn’t for the life of me think of more… I know I cheated… 😆

  4. The only book I’ve read out of your list is Daughter of Smoke and Bone… and I DNFed the last book. XD I JUST COULDN’T KEEP READING!!! I didn’t get to read about if Akiva and Karou got together, but I’m assuming they did. Great list! I need to read some of the books on here. XD

    1. Funny I almost DNFed it too… I was screaming at the book but pushed on due to my love of the chimera and wanting to know what that was about… my curiosity from being a writer I suspect… I TOTALLY get you not being able to finish it… Thanks May!

  5. omg such a fun take on this topic! I love it!

    I need fanart of Akiva and his potential children now though!

    And omg Rider would be such a great loving dad ❤ He would give them ALL THE LOVE ❤

    Great list!

  6. Tybalt catches my eye as I’ve been thinking of reading the October Daye series, but haven’t yet. Same with Fian from Earth Girl- that’s another series that looked good to me, plus it was recommended by a blogger so I know it’s probably pretty good. I need to get on both those series.

    Nice list!

    1. I suggest both as well though they are different kinds of books. Earth Girl can get fantastical but oh how fantastical! October Daye series is good though it’s a little like chasing your tail sometimes. McGuire does a great job using fae mythology and the characters she’s created! ❤️ thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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