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Top 10 Tuesday: Manga Series To Start

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to share 10 Books From X Genre That I’ve Recently Added To My TBR List! I want to get back to reading more manga but I want to try some new series so I decided to make a list…

What series are on my TBR for manga?

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#10 – Me & My Brothers

Me and My Brothers mini coverLove the idea of a family oriented story…

One Lost Girl + Four Confused Brothers = A Whole Lotta Wackiness! When Sakura, a fourteen-year-old orphaned girl, discovers she has four half-brothers, her world is turned upside down as they’re all forced to live under one roof…

#9 – Hana-Kimi

Hana-Kimi mini coverI’ve seen the k-drama so now to read the source material…

Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki has gotten herself a transfer to a high school in Japan…but not just any school! To be close to her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano, she’s going to an all-guys’ high school…and disguising herself as a boy!

#8 – Peacemaker Kurogane

Peacemaker Kurogane mini coverThe art is soooo beautiful on this one…

When a strange gun-toting swordsman, Ryoma Sakamoto, recognizes Tetsunosuke and his brother as the sons of someone he calls the “Peacemaker,” trouble brews and the other Shinsengumi run the outsider out of town.

#7 – tactics

tactics mini coverTengu! Enough said… (well I heard so much about this series too)…

Ever since he was a child, Kantarou has been able to see and talk to spirits, and now, all grown up, Kantarou moonlights as an exorcist solving the problems of ghosts and demons with the help of Haruka, the legendary demon-eating tengu.

#6 – Bride of the Water God

Bride of the Water God mini coverAdapted into a k-drama set in modern times…

When Soah’s desperate village sacrifices her to the Water God Habaek to end a long drought, they believe she will bring much-needed rain. Not only is she rescued by the Water God, she’s a welcomed guest in his magical kingdom!

#5 – The Gentlemen’s Alliance †

The Gentlemen's Alliance mini coverArina Tanemura a manga-ka I’ve always wanted to read…

In return for a business loan, the prestigious Kamiya family gave their daughter Haine away to the Otomiya family and is appointed to the student council of the exclusive Imperial Academy. She finds herself struggling to find her place among the many secrets of its elite members, especially Shizumasa Togu, aka “the Emperor.

#4 – Savage Garden

Savange Garden mini coverDark and harsh Korean Manhwa

In 18th century England, Gabriel, an orphan girl befriends Jeremy, when he dies, Gabriel must impersonate him, taking his place at an all boys academy for nobles, a place that seems like heaven, but hides a harshness which she’d never have imagined.

#3 – +Anima

+Anima mini coverThe +Anima are beings who possess animal-like powers…

In this alternate universe, they walk among us–shunned by society–as they search for others who have similar traits. Cooro is a crow-like boy who when he meets Husky, a disrespectful boy with a past shrouded in mystery, he finds a kindred spirit…

#2 – Barajou no Kiss

Barajou no Kiss mini coverSpecial jewelry…oooooh!

When Anis Yamamoto loses the rose choker (a protective amulet which would safeguard her from harm) her father gave her as a child, she’s afflicted by a “punishment” for removing it. Which is a bit more than she bargained for!

#1 – Mugen Spiral

Mugen Spiral mini coverSoooo many good things about this manga…

Yayoi has inherited spiritual powers from her mother–she uses these powers to protect people. During a fight with the devil Ura she turns the devil into a black kitten. The two begin living together, even though Ura doesn’t hide desire to “eat” her power.

What genre of books do you want to read from you TBR? Please leave the link to your post and I’ll check it out!

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Thanks for reading! XOXO,

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Manga Series To Start”

  1. Good list. I’ve read most of them, but there are a couple that I haven’t read. Will definitely check them out. Enjoy reading them! And thank you for participating on my blog carnival this past June. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

  2. I love some of the series like Mugen spiral and Hana kimi 🖤🖤 cause I am more of a Shoujo manga fan. Please read my blog too and give a like if you will please☺️☺️

  3. I haven’t read any of these! I don’t actually read much manga anymore because I don’t have time. I’ve fallen so far behind in the ones I do read. I’m a few months behind in Attack on Titan, and a couple of years behind in Fairy Tail. Then there’s Magi and Sinbad, and all those other series I started but never continued for lack of time. One day I’ll catch up!

      1. I feel ya I was reading the ancient magus’ bride and now I’m out of translated volumes. 😢 actually I don’t remember if the next volume is out or not in japanese. Either way why😭

  4. Yay Manga! I’ve started a few of the series, only the first volume, and really enjoyed them! But haven’t heard of the others. Thanks for the recs #getsocial17

  5. Wow. I’m shocked that I actually don’t recognize any of these series. Are they new? That might explain it haahha I too feel like revisiting mangas (used to drool for them like crazyyy). Nice list nonetheless! 😉

    1. They aren’t new, I’ve looked for them at my library in the past and they were new then, lol. I found them through recommendations and they are the top of the list to find and read… I wish I had more access to manhwa the Korean manga.

      1. The first series I thought of when I read you like dark and emotional is Jyu-Oh-Sei. It’s a sci-if manga but it’s definitely dark and I was totally sucked in and read all three volumes as quickly as I could obtain them… since it’s a short series you can get a sense of how manga work while not committing yourself. There are twins and when their parents are murdered they are sent to a savage planet. One twin is better equipped to survive… if you like more a modern romance then I say Dengeki Daisy… ❤️😈☄️

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