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Book Characters Duel, Let’s Fight!

Fantasy is one of my all time favorite genres and I want to talk about it in a regular fashion… Chats and lists (lists, yo!) and all sorts of genre touching discussions! Fantasy Discussions FeaturedWith all this list making about magic I can’t help but wonder which characters would win in a magical duel… a battle similar to Harry Potter vs. Voldemort. I admit I stretched what magic is to encompass any sort of supernatural ability. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want…

Althea from (Prophet of the Badlands) vs. Meg from (Written in Red)

Althea is not like most 12 year olds… her eyes glow in the dark, she can read people’s minds and influence them and she can heal the sick in a person whatever it may be. She is seen as a prophet as she hates to hurt people. Meg is a blood prophet who can see the future when her skin is cut and feels great euphoria. She has a pack of others at her back who can fight to protect her from being cut.

Draw duel

Winner: Althea would start out the fight defensive and ready to block the Others’ attacks. If they push her just right she could turn the others against each other. Meg cannot get her skin broken or it could potentially drive her insane. In the end though Althea wouldn’t have the heart to hurt anyone and it would be a draw.

Valek from (Poison Study) vs. Amani from (Rebel of the Sands)

Since Valek has the ability to repel magic plus he’s a gifted assassin I think he definitely has the upper hand. He also simply has age and experience. Amani on the other hand has lead a life free from magic and only recently learned how to wield her ability with sand. She is a gifted sharpshooter and if she can keep away from Valek then she may have a chance to best him.

Valek assassin

Winner: This definitely will be determined by terrain, if there is sand and no trees then Amani but if we are in the forest then she will be in trouble, there is no wielding her magic as a distraction or a way to create distance. It’s close but Valek!

Tea from (The Bone Witch) vs. Vin from (The Final Empire)

Tea has no morals and will do whatever she has to in order to win. With her daevas by her side and her cunning in their minds they have might on their side. Vin is a mistborn to be reckoned with being able to wield Allomancy, the magic of burning metals to fuel a variety of physical and mental enhancements. She can super jump, push and pull and even see a little ahead of her opponent.

Mistborn series

Winner: Vin can be worn down with a prolonged battle causing her metals to burn out but if you can break through to Tea she is the brains behind the daeva and if she falls so will they. It would be an epic battle with Vin winning the day!

Emi from (Red Winter) vs. Li-lin from (The Girl with Ghost Eyes)

Emi is a kamigakari, the human host of an immortal goddess called Amaterasu who has great powers and can heal quickly. She thinks things through in battle and is brave to a fault. Li-lin has the ability to see the spirit world so she definitely would understand what she is really fighting plus she is the daughter of a renowned Daoshi exorcist who has assisted her father for years and is versed in swordplay with her peachwood sword.

daoist priestess

Winner: If Li-lin could successfully exorcise Amaterasu out of Emi then she would have a strong chance of winning with her sword skills. On the other hand she has nothing to lose whereas Emi has Shiro who is a great motivator for her. I’m sad to say Li-lin would just barely beat Emi.

What fictional characters would you pair up? Would they win for their magic or their skills?

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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*I adapted this post from the group Hype or Like Friday on Goodreads where you can find the weekly topics and the book of the month… created by Jillian, Larkin, and Britt.


9 thoughts on “Book Characters Duel, Let’s Fight!”

      1. I’m laughing at that hahaahh I too am off the hype train and usually wound up late to the party. I do have Sanderson’s series in my TBR and it’s been there for quite some time now. That was definitely a good call there. Of all the book characters in here, his series was the one I was most likely to have read. 😛

  1. Oh wow, I really enjoyed this post. I do believe I have not read any of these books, so to be honest I have no idea who these characters are. But I did truly enjoyed this post 😉

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