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May is Gone and Done…

I’m starting a new feature… called “A Month in Summary.” It’s kind of my version of a monthly wrap up post and tbr for the next month all at the same time. I don’t know if it will stick or not but I have done so much this month I kind of want to revel in it a little… it has been a wild ride and I’ve been having a ton of fun…

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I’m really excited looking at my calendar that I posted something everyday but Sunday and one Monday! I’m getting better at not overthinking my posts but writing them and posting them, woot! *wipes brow* This has been a major accomplishment for me as I was a rather infrequent blogger in my past incarnation.

About halfway through this month I did a major blog overhaul where I changed my theme and cut some of the features I used to do but no longer participate in. Do you like it? I have heard feedback from a couple lovely bloggers (thanks so much!) and it has been positive.

This next month in my blog update I plan to get my pages complete for reviews and features so that it’s easy to find stuff looking under different categories. It’ll probably end up being more for me than readers but I tried it out some last night and I think it’ll make figuring out what I want to participate in easier.

I’m amazed to say that I finished 8 books this month! Is that a lot? I feet like it is… I see these posts where people say they read 6 or 8 books and I’m thinking wow, they read A LOT! So this may be a good thing I’m doing…writing this post and looking back.

I also read a slew with my nephew… I’m thinking about posting my reviews as he is a talented young autistic boy and I think sharing his drawings would be incredible for him to see online. What do you think about me highlighting them? They are picture books…

In June I’m participating in a comment challenge during June. I wasn’t sure how this would be but I love my partner in crime, Aneesa so I am excited to take part now! Check out her blog if you have time, she is soooo passionate about the books she reads!

I finally wrote my first TBR – Keep or Skip? post and was excited that a couple people commented on what they thought (thanks guys!) but it was one of my lowest viewed. *shrug* I guess this is not a popular one… You can still weigh in if you haven’t… *cheeky grin*

My #1 viewed feature though was Top 10 Tuesday: Our Reading Wishlist and my #1 viewed review was Review of Fall in One Day by Craig Terlson. I wasn’t surprised by the Top 10 Tuesday as this was a really popular topic but Fall in One Day is a historical YA with a male protagonist… (I was skeptical but I really liked it!)

In June I’m going to be finishing up the Red Winter Trilogy, which I’m really excited about… you can read my review of book #1 to get a taste of the series. It’s set in Japan and is about goddesses, their vessel and yokai (favorites of mine). Shiro is pretty awesome but Emi is a special snowflake for a very good reason and also a badass female! The second book upped the action in the best way…

If you are looking for a diverse protagonist in your life and you love mental health then I highly suggest The Cilantro in Apple Pie. The title is ridiculous and the cover is worse but if you give this book a chance you will be delighted by the twists. I read up about the condition and its a real thing.

Okay, serious question here… Do I need pictures in this post? Like covers of the books I read or graphic separators or something? Is it too long? What do you suggest? I’d love some recommendations!

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16 thoughts on “May is Gone and Done…”

  1. I love the graphics on your page. I often wonder the same thing – do I need book cover images, etc. I think links do just fine if you’re talking about books – just provide the link and the image doesn’t have to be on your post.
    Looks like you had a fantastic May. All the best for June too.

  2. With your incredible graphic designing skills, I’d always recommend adding in your personal touch of visual awesomeness! Even just book covers would be (especially since I’m likely to not know some of the books you want to read ahahha). I do agree that you had an awesome month of May! Hope you have a great month of June and continue to blog without EVER overburdening yourself!

  3. I really hope you choose to highlight your nephew’s work with the picture books! I am in love with the idea and have also been seeking ways to try to incorporate my own kiddos into the blog (I was thinking of sharing some of my son’s short stories). I look forward to it and this new feature ❤

    1. Thanks Danielle! I wasn’t sure how much to share so I have just done the reviews that were for netgalley books. I like seeing what kids are up to (I’m totally behind you sharing your son’s short stories) but does anyone else?! LOL. 👍🌟❤️

      1. I always try to go with the flow of what I like and hope I will find the appropriate audience in the process 😉 I tend to share a lot of my life and personal elements (to an extent) and so far no complaints. I say, if you feel like doing it, just go for it ❤ Many of us love seeing more like this.

  4. Awwwwww.. you are so sweet. And I love the name!
    I really need to start one of these, I have been meaning to for a while now!
    I think you should definitely include some pictures, that could be of the book covers with the links or one for each heading if you choose to do something like that. Because it kind of breaks a lot of chunk of writing and gives some room to breathe.

    Great post!:)

    1. Good to know Aneesa! I’ll have to figure that out for June… honestly I probably knew to do it but just was too worn out! It’s good to get feedback because then you know you aren’t overreacting! Thanks, partner in crime ❤️🌟🌈

      1. Awww..bless you. It happens 🙂
        We all feel like that sometimes, I know I have done it many times myself *hides*
        Yes it is and you are very welcome 😉

    1. Ok! So good to know! *Note: needs more… to be honest I thought I did too. I was finishing up something else and was feeling lazy *hides face* Thanks for confirming!! 👍😁🌟❤️ I’m thinking to make a little corner for picture books and include all of his drawings!

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