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Rushed Gift Filled Rebellion

Black Dawn coverBlack Dawn

by Mallory McCartney
#1 Black Dawn Rebellion
Published February 14th 2017
by Clean Reads Publishing

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Emory Fae is whisked from her apartment into another world by two soldiers who tell her she is their best friend, queen and savior of the war they’ve been fighting for the last 10 years in the magical world of Kiero. The 60 souls that make up the Black Dawn Rebellion are not pleased that she returned safe and sound when they’ve been suffering and she decides she must do something to stop the man who caused it all…

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This story had such promise. I loved that she was hidden in another world to protect her. And Kiero sounded like a world I would want to read about. And what was here was pretty darn good. Even though I gave this book 2.5 stars I’m not here to beat the book up or hate on it at all. It was a little stereotypical but there was creativity throughout. It’s what the book didn’t have that to me made it a book that needs more editing and particularly more development.

The strengths it had…

  • The multiple POVs!!!!! Ack!! I really loved this aspect and felt it was executed rather well. The author has a gift for the narrative. The two strong male characters were different from one another enough that their narratives didn’t overlap or feel the same.
  • Each POV had a decent direction to develop if it had been developed more. Memphis learning to support his followers and not use them. Emory learning that she can’t do it alone. Nyx learning that love is more than having sex.
  • The gifts that are in this world are quite cool and not just your stereotypical elemental ones. There was a well thought out specificity that is the fun of a world like this! Nyx gives mental pain, Brokk time travels, another duplicates… you get why I likee…
  • The back history for Emory and Brokk was quite good what we learned of it. Very telling and not showing but at least it was developed!!
  • The creatures that were part of the story were very cool ideas: mermen, the Oilean… there weren’t many but if this has been a bigger part of the world it would have been awesome!
  • The villains were quite compelling once we met them all. I liked reading from Adair’s POV too.

The weaknesses were…

  • Events happened really quickly. The pacing was just too swift not leaving any room for any more than reaction. Emotions weren’t developed in all the characters because there was not enough room. Only the loud mouth got the space (i.e. Nyx and Memphis)
  • As a result events were contrived many times because there wasn’t enough time and space for events to develop properly.
  • Contributing to the quick pace was the lack of a character arc for Emory. She went from being stolen from her world to I’m so badass I will defeat the villain alone… Mwa-ha-ha-ha. Lady you can’t learn what you need in a day or even 3 days! Let alone process all the emotions you should be going through…
  • Brokk. I know, he’s my favorite character from page one and his gifts were the best developed and I enjoyed his narrative the most. His plotline was the least contrived and saved the book for me. Yet he was an automaton following the dictates of the author instead of his character. In other words plot guided him and not his own thoughts and feelings!
  • Brokk never pursued Emory while he could not because of Memphis or friendship or her dislike of him… he didn’t pursue her because the author had already told him what he would learn near the end of the book. It may seem icky to have there be pursuit but it didn’t need to be if developed correctly and not just avoided totally.
  • Memphis. I did not like this guy one bit. His name was a joke? The other guy got a modified grunt for a name (Brokk) but he gets named after a city in America? Maybe there is some etymology there but i just don’t care. I don’t like guys who sex up girls and say the girl knew all along. And its so stereotypical… Emory, who grew up in our world, still fell for this creep? It just doesn’t makes sense. The plot/actions conflict with the relationship that Memphis and Emory develop.
  • Love triangles. This becomes moot later in the book but I’m not a fan, especially when one of the two clearly betrays trust and the girl does not react to that betrayal in horror but instead falls deeper in love with him? And she doesn’t give the other guy the time of day? Not even when she learns how her mind was invaded?

Star Rating wordsRating Star 14Rating Star 11/2

BOTTOM LINE: Worth reading for creativity’s sake and if you want a quick, fun read.

My thoughts as a writer Typewriter Pink Purple Logo

So you see by the lists that while I had a lot to rave about the problems outweigh the good. This is an editing problem of a book rushed to print.

Thanks to Chapter-by-Chapter and Clean Reads Publishing for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.





16 thoughts on “Rushed Gift Filled Rebellion”

  1. You.. read books with some of the coolest covers!! 😛 This really sounded promising until we got to the weaknesses. Plot-driven characters is quite sad to hear about.. and the dreaded love triangle too. Wish this book had turned out differently for you! Are you going to read its sequel (if the author does one)?

    1. If I’m asked I probably would because it was such a quick read. I don’t mind giving books a chance when I can drop then during a slump in a couple hours. I won’t seek it out though. I know I do get sucked in by covers though! They are so important to me.

  2. Oh wow, I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I personally did love the book and I do agree with some of your points. AND YES!!! I DO NOT LIKE MEMPHIS EITHER!!! I dislike him with everything, he is such a creep and the way he manipulates people around him especially Emory and he still gets EMORY? WHAT?????? I also feel like there was this loyalty misplaced between Brokk and Memphis at least towards the latter end of the book, what do you think?

    Although even Brokk and Emory have the tendencies to make absurd decisions…..
    I cannot wait for the second book! 🙂

    1. YES! I was so mad about Emory and poor Brokk not getting a chance with her! The twist about him is such a cop out! I agree. I didn’t see why a Brokk trusted Memphis at all… so they were childhood friends, show me more! Didn’t you think it needed more pages?

      The thing about Brokk is he made great decisions away from Memphis, otherwise he was a doormat! Emory changed too quickly, no character arc 😭
      It’s great to chat with someone who read the book, thanks!

      1. Yes it was, but I do think she must have had a reason for that? We might find out more later in the book, I want to know for one…
        And yes it totally did, there could have been places where it needed more development in the plot!

        Yes he did, Memphis was just an silly goat telling everyone what to do, yes I was annoyed by her sudden change too! 🙂

  3. I totally agree with your points about the lack of development in Emory and also the world itself felt a little vague to me! I adore Brokk and I’m so sad he could not play a huge role in the story because of Memphis. I really hate that guy. He annoyed me since page one! Perhaps if the story were longer and detailed it would be better. Nice review!

    1. YES! I kept thinking that I should like Memphis but he totally hit me the wrong way, so high handed with his friend! How would he be with a woman?! And poor Brokk, he was such a good guy! I wanted so much more for him. Definitely needed more pages, and some plain development. My mom and I brained stormed ideas for 15 minutes after I read it, lol, and got so many ideas! It’s so nice to chat with someone else who read the book! Thanks for sharing!

  4. First off, *wow* that cover is gorgeous. Good to know this is worth reading for creativity’s sake- cos I do really like the sound of that world building… Buuut I think that I’d have to pass on this one, cos the character arcs just sound weak and love triangles are a massive no-no for me at this point!

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