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Last 5 Favorite Minor Characters from My 4-Star Books

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This week’s topic is Favorite Minor Characters. Minor characters are less than a sidekick or a side character (but not in our hearts!) I decided to mix it up this week and go off the beaten path a little. I have no idea what my favorite minor characters are of all time… and differentiating them from side characters seems to be a lot of effort. So I’m going to hit my 4-star book shelf and take the last 5 books on there and choose my favorite minor character from each!

#5 – Julian Hart from Proof of Lies

Proof of Lies mini-coverA reporter from a wealthy family he gets embroiled in Anastasia Phoenix‘s parents spy business and while chasing a story gets made a fool of by them. Marcus, the love interest in the book calls him a “gilipollas” or dumbass and he is rather one but you can’t blame him wanting to clear his name. He’ll probably be cast in a larger role in the next book but he was my favorite minor character in this first one…

#4 – Mr. Khan from NemeSIS

NemeSIS coverA true blue minor character this teacher provides a place for Nadine and Anne in the library during lunch in the beginning of the book. He tries to guide her into finding friends with his after school activity, but its a bust. Then he practices tough love when mice are exterminated and bars them from returning. This helps them to take the first steps to becoming friends. Every school needs a safe haven for kids struggling to deal with life and what a wonderful teacher to provide it!

#3 – Atlain’s Wife from The Girl Who Drank the Moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon coverAtlain meets and marries his wife near the center of the book. She is the first and only sister to leave the tower of sorrow, such is the strength found in this woman. I won’t spoil the book for you but suffice it is to say she is a great motivator for Atlain and with her subtle strength such a great example that is never really explored as she is such a minor character! I totally wondered about what she experienced in that tower and what lead to her decision to leave it…

#2 – Midas the Monkey from Diadem of Death

Diadem of Death coverThis clepto monkey was so cute! He ran around and stole jewelry and shiney things from the girls, especially Maude who was always losing things to the little furry guy. I love when animals are made a part of the story in clever ways like in this book… he was instrumental to the story while being the best mascot!

#1 – The Newton boys from Fall in One Day

Fall in One Day coverThese two brothers occasionally hung out with Joe. They really contributed little to the plot of the story hence me characterizing them as minor. They were boys raised to go to church while not totally understanding why they do so. Their interest in Joe’s soul was quite fascinating and made for a compelling view of friendship, when said friendship is due to proximity and not compatibility.

I could have chosen almost any shelf in Goodreads and come up with great minor characters. It’s the little details and odd perspectives that make them shine!

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4 thoughts on “Last 5 Favorite Minor Characters from My 4-Star Books”

  1. I’ve yet to read any of these books, but this is a really cool idea for a post! Oftentimes, books have the best minor characters, and they don’t get enough fangirling, if you will. 😀

    1. We meet her when Atlain first meets her again outside the tower and we hear what she thinks through Atlain…she’s a true minor character. Glerk we get his POV a little, he’s a side character and very close to Xan. I’d say he’s the grandpa to Xan’s grandma role! He needs his own little story, doesn’t he! Thanks for stopping by ❤️

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