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There, There

As a 10-year old my nephew is terribly curious about friendship… he has that sweet soul that never knew the get upset… much like bear…

My 10-year old nephew and I read books together every week and he draws a picture from the pages that captures his fancy. As a budding bookworm, artist and a child with an autistic aphasia we bond through stories and art.

32144658There, There

by Tim Beiser
illustrated by Bill Slavin
Published June 6th 2017
by Tundra Books (NY)

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There’s no other way to say it, Hare is a whiner, he complains about every bad that happens in the grumpiest way possible. Bear, his friend and roommate is very patient and enduring, only saying There, There… until one day he’s had enough, he drags Hare out to the mud for a lesson with the humblest of earthworms.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Loved the worm, haha…

I was attracted to the illustrations in this book right away. They have a richness that make them jump off the page. Perfect for kids who are used to cartoons and poppy colors. My favorite spreads were the ones with the worm, it was so unexpected the pictures just spoke to you. My nephew always chooses a frame to draw himself and I was really surprised he chose the one with the two friends returning home.

I have the unique opportunity to share this book with the target audience… He really liked the pictures too and he especially loved the worm, eww! I don’t know that he got the point of the story though… we talked about the two being friends and was disgusted that hare was so miserable when he had a friend in bear.

With an eye-roll said our bear, “How you suffer so. There, there!”

The message of the story is to look on the bright side and think about the blessings you do have, things can always get worse. I thought some of the things hare complained about were pretty horrible myself like the rotten foods. There is this element of friendship though where you need to speak up if you are struggling too and that is what bear showed us. Speak up and keep your friendship intact!

I don’t know that I would have rated this book 4 star if not for the earthworm. That was an unexpected way to take the story and funny to boot.

Age Range: 3-7 years

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Can Grow with a Child? Rating No
Message Driven Story? Rating Yes!
Worthy of a Home Library? Rating No
Appropriate for Special Needs? Rating No

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