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Top 3 Magical Story Ingredients

Fantasy is one of my all time favorite genres and I want to talk about it in a regular fashion… Chats and lists (lists, yo!) and all sorts of genre touching discussions! Fantasy Discussions FeaturedThe three main things that you look for in a book… These three things when balanced right make for 5 star books!

Strong Premise

This might sound crazy but if the premise is strong, i.e. specific, different and stirring then I may just pick it up! When I read I want to learn about things I’ve not personally experienced and that covers a wide range of subjects. It needs to be creative and stir my imagination. Life follows a certain pattern so there will always be things we already know about in the course of a story so its all in the details… if those details are properly developed it sparks with its audience (me and other readers!)

A Plethora of Relationships

I read contemporary as well as sci-fi fantasy because what I am looking for is an exploration of the relationship people and societies have with one another on an individual scale as well as a societal scale. What that means is that an alternate world can show us things about our world due to the similarities and the differences they hold. The same is true for people. What makes that couple work and that couple not is a major question in most YA books… but there are a ton of other relationships to explore: child to parent, friend to friend, sibling to sibling, and so many more. Compare and contrast people to people and beliefs to beliefs, show the reader and then let us decide…

Unique Characters

There is this huge outcry about special snowflakes. There is a lot of hate about this type of character and that is because it is stereotypical – a water downed trope that doesn’t support itself. I find most people to be pretty unique though, its something true to life, people are made up of the details and everyone’s are put together differently. Of course there are things that we can all relate to in those around us but ultimately we are our own special selves. I want to read about those someones that are different from me. Don’t we all want to understand those unique to us and experience life from their perspectives…?

What ingredients do you look for in a book? What do you think about special snowflakes?

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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*I adapted this post from the group Hype or Like Friday on Goodreads where you can find the weekly topics and the book of the month… created by Jillian, Larkin, and Britt.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Magical Story Ingredients”

  1. Oh, I definitely agree with the uniqueness of characters. Good books have amazing and authentic characters to love and hate! I also like to look for “clever” books. It’s always such a pleasant thing to see when the author comes up with a story filled with twists and whatnot that are original and compelling! 😀

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