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Top 10 Tuesday: Our Reading Wishlist

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to share things we want to see more of in books — tropes, a time period, a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a certain plot, etc. All those things that make you think I want more of this in a book! This is my list…

What do you want to see more of in books? Anything is in!

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#10 – Post Apocalyptic Utopia

Dystopian is a popular sub-genre in YA fiction. It is about a nasty government and the people who rebel against it. Instead I’d love to see stories set in the future after a post apocalyptic event but several hundred years after said event.

A story along the lines of The Earth Girl series.

#9 – Positive Mental Health

I enjoy any story that touches on mental health and I believe even negative portrayals can teach a reader. But let’s also show people dealing with bipolar disorder, true OCD, autism and even other health problems in a positive way.

A story along the lines of Every Last Word.

#8 – Detailed Alternate Worlds

While I read contemporary I really enjoy other worlds so much more! They can be fantasy, sci-fi, alternate history or whatever will set them apart from my world. It’s not enough for them to the setting to be a medieval world. Develop it in totally new directions.

A story along the lines of The Others series.

#7 – More Non-Human Races

While diversity in the contemporary is to be commended I would also like to see diversity in alternate worlds. You just don’t have to toss another ethnicity into the mix, developing totally other races, ones based on creatures or even ones that aren’t humanoid would be totally cool to explore.

A story along the lines of The Daughter of Smoke & Bone series.

#6 – More Relationships Than Lovers

While romance is great and I love stories that have a love interest there are so many other kinds of relationships! Good parents and siblings! Friendships between just girls or just guys (i.e. bromance)! Friends to enemies, enemy to ally, mentor to student… there is so much to explore and showing the nuances of such relationships is the key.

A story with a friend like between Terry and Maude in the Nefertari Hughes Mystery series.

#5 – Exploration

One of the things I love about fantasy stories is getting to see new places and learn about the the people and differences between groups. I like exploring especially in survival situations. Creepy things could happen and different enemies could appear.

A story along the lines of The Dark Tower series.

#4 – Unique Twists

The premise is what captures me but the way it is executed is why I love a book in the end. A good start is an unusual set of circumstances done in a way that is different than you’d think. It could also be twists in the story that if done well you don’t see coming.

A story along the lines of Cinder.

#3 – More Cultural Diversity

Asian culture is a big draw for me and it is even better when it is set in a new world and changed or adapted. Even stories that showcase a culture that is not as well known or an aspect of a culture that has not been showcased. We need to know about the entire world not just the one country we live in. A story along the lines of Red Winter.

My last two are not very prevalent and I can’t really think of examples for them…

#2 – Balanced Gender Roles

I love me a strong female character but as a strong woman myself I’m not really excited about a man who is not my equal. As women need to be strong in our modern world I think there is this seductive allure to a man who dominates. This makes for male characters at opposite ends of the extreme: they either sit back and are dominated by the woman in their life or alternatively take control for a woman who has always had to be strong for a long time. As female and males become equals they each would play a role in the central plot and conflict making for more depth filled stories…

#1 – Multiple POVs

This has to be done really well to work but I love when there is more than one point of view. It would be great if when I start reading from the alternate POVs that I know right away that it is a different character because the POVs read differently. They could be a dual POV between lovers. between friends or a group traveling through a fantasy world. POVs could exit and join suddenly as characters exit or join the group. Used well we’d get to see the world through many eyes not just some special snowflake…

What do you want to see more of in books? Please leave the link to your post and I’ll check it out!

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37 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Our Reading Wishlist”

  1. I’ve noticed that having more positive relationships when it comes to family on a lot of blog posts I stopped by. I absolutely agree, my mom is my best friend and its rare that I see family relationships in a positive light in a book. I would definitely like to see more of this.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  2. YES! Positive portrayals of characters with mental health challenges are so needed – so many people with mental illness actually live healthy, successful, happy lives, and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety or any other condition doesn’t have to be the end of the world! I wish I’d had messages like that when I was growing up!

    1. I tried to comment on your post but the internet ate it and refused to let me comment at all… so shortened version… Picture books with mixed-culture or mixed-race families, especially with Asian characters. We need them bad! My nephew is one of those children, it’s hard to find him what he’s looking for!

  3. Great list, I agree definitely with balanced gender roles. The problem with utopia is lack of problems makes dull stories, but no society is perfect. Also having more diverse relationships in fiction would be great, romance is fairly dull (and has been written about 10000’s of times).

  4. I’d love to see some more alternate worlds as well! Also like the idea of other relationships beside lovers. I read so many books where parents are absent or the family is estranged. Great choices!

  5. This is a very good list, especially #9 – my mother was diagnosed bi-polar (she’s gone now) – and I am surprised by the lack of stories with characters that struggle with this mental illness. Having mental illness in my family, having worked at a psychiatric hospital, and having a partner who is a psychiatric nurse, has helped my own family talk, and challenge the stigmas associated with mental illness. (i.e.: depression is not something you simply get over by changing your attitude.) I wish there were more books that dealt in a positive way about these struggles.

  6. For #9, have you read “With Blossoms Gold” by Hayden Wand? It’s a very compassionate look at what it’s like to live with panic attacks.

    So many of these had me nodding. Especially men and women as equals. Making one character weak does not make the other look stronger — that’s just lazy writing. I also discussed what kinds of strong female characters I want more of in my TTT.

  7. I find relationships in general so interesting, particularly family dynamics. Romance is only a small part of our overall experience! I would love to read more stories that focus on other relationships. Positive mental health portrayals is a good one as well. People deal with mental health in entirely different ways so it would be great to see more authors addressing that!

  8. This is a fantastic list! I would absolutely love to see more books with positive mental health. I agree with so many of these. Great list!!

  9. Great list! Positive mental health is definitely a biggie. People need to inspired by the characters that struggle in books, instead of bogged down by unhappy endings. Also, I am a sucker for multiple POVs!

      1. Hmmm.. I’d say Carrie by Stephen King. You get to hear everyone’s thoughts surrounding the situation. It’s so cleverly intertwined. What about you?

  10. I totally agree with so many of these. I want to see more balanced gender roles for sure, and also some more exploration in the fantasy books I am reading. More relationships would also be a great one, I would love to see more close friendships and family relationships in the books I read as often those relationships have a larger impact on us than our romantic relationships.

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