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TBR Fantasy Worlds I Dream of…

Fantasy is one of my all time favorite genres and I want to talk about it in a regular fashion… Chats and lists (lists, yo!) and all sorts of genre touching discussions! Fantasy Discussions FeaturedIf I were doing a straight up list of perfect fantasy worlds this it could potentially have hundreds of favorite worlds and the book needn’t even be a 5 star for it to make the cut! To limit the list I decided to pick series I dream about reading but haven’t gotten around to… yet!

Shadow and Bone, The Grisha Trilogy

Shadow and Bone cover

There has been a ton of controversy surrounding this series based on Russian culture that I find fascinating as a writer creating my own series. In order to weight in I’ve got to read the series.

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Incarceron Trilogy

Incarceron cover

I am a total fan of post-apocalyptic stories and books in the dystopian genre many times becomes a sort of fantasy post-apocalyptic. This seems the case for this series which is really exciting!

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A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy

A Court of Thorns and Roses cover

The final installment is all over my blog feed and I have yet to even touch the hem of this series. I LOVE faerie based worlds so really need to start this ASAP. If I had realized sooner that a faerie world was at its core, I’d already have read book 1…

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A Darker Shade of Magic, Shades of Magic Trilogy

A Darker Shade of Magic cover

As a writer myself four alternate worlds seem a lot to juggle… but I am a fan of magical realism ala Harry Potter. While I realize there is probably no comparison they do seem to fall into a similar vein, plus I love books about London!

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Stormdancer, The Lotus War Trilogy

Stormdancer cover

There is this fascinating merging of alternate worlds that sounds like it works really well. There is a historical Japanese setting, with fantastical creatures and a steam punk centered society. Different, right?!

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Have you read any of these books/series? Any book or series recommendations for me? Which fantasy worlds are your favorite and do you catch yourself wishing you were there?

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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*I adapted this post from the group Hype or Like Friday on Goodreads where you can find the weekly topics and the book of the month… created by Jillian, Larkin, and Britt.



9 thoughts on “TBR Fantasy Worlds I Dream of…”

  1. I really, really want to read that Darker Shade of Magic trilogy. V.E. Schwab is an amazing author (and that’s only based on the one book I’ve read from her: This Savage Song)!! Great list though, they all have unique worlds that would be really fun to live in! 😀

  2. The Grisha trilogy has a lot of mixed reviews but I absolutely adored it! Sure it wasn’t perfect but overall it was an amazing series and I binge-read the whole thing in a week! 😂
    And I’ve read the A Court of Thorns and Roses books just a few weeks ago for the first time and it truly is amazing, especially the second book! 💞

    1. Thanks for sharing Jackie! It’s good to hear positive things about the books I’m looking forward to reading… I’ve been hearing lately of second books of series being even better than the firsts which is really exciting!

  3. There is a lot of controversy around that- personally when I read the people’s points on it, I just found the mistakes she made pretty amusing (like the fact that Grisha is the English equivalent of Greg)- I don’t think it detracts from the story though and I still really like the world building. I will admit, I didn’t think that series was perfect, cos to me the books were too predictable. Darker Shade of Magic is pretty much the most amazing world building ever!!

    1. Thanks! It’s really great to gets everyone’s view on the controversy… I read a little about it and was like “I need to read it myself” – I am terribly excited about Darker Shade of Magic… I have heard so much good about it but I don’t want to make my expectations so high that I psyche myself into hating it, lol!

      1. You’re welcome! Yes absolutely- that is the solution, in my opinion, to get to the bottom of things, is just to check it out for yourself 😀 Awesome!! I really hope you do like it- hehe I understand that- maybe find someone who wrote a negative review first to lower your expectations (I’d try and give it some balance myself, but tbh I’m wayyy too much of a fan to do that 😉 )

  4. I loved the Shades of Magic series, particularly since Grey London (our London) is set in the Regency era, one of my favourite periods, but her fantasy worlds are really well constructed I thought too. I liked the Grisha books but I prefer the Six of Crows duology, set in different parts of the same world and with a grittiness to the city of Ketterdam that I found really interesting.

    Recently I’ve been finding Robert Jackson Bennett’s worldbuilding in his Divine Cities trilogy interesting because it is a fantasy world where deities used to reign and certain pockets of magic known as “miracles” associated with the Gods still function, yet the setting is closer to our 20th century, with high rise buildings and automobiles. And I’ve loved the first two Imperial Radch books by Ann Leckie for their future empire setting – not somewhere I’d want to visit, but very well built! N.K. Jemisin does worldbuilding really well too in her books.

    1. Thanks you so much for the recommendations! I’m leery about reading adult fantasy sometimes because its a big commitment and I’m never sure if it will pay off. It’s good to know the world building is loved by someone else!!

    2. Actually I meant to look up N.K. Jemisin for the Dreamblood series you mentioned in another post. And I actually have Robert Jackson Bennett’s Divine Cities series on my tbr!! I’m so glad you suggested these!

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