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This Week’s Appreciation #1

I’ve been meeting so many new book bloggers recently and picking up new books, news and other cool things. I was trying to think of a way to share all these wonderful folk with those of you who may find them worth following so I created a new meme!

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday morning. For each post I’ve pull three things from the blog posts that I read over the previous week. It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share the love! Feel free to participate…

Astro (k-pop group)

From Joanne @ yaguitarist where she blogs about books she loves. She was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award and for question: “What song is stuck in your head right now? (if any)” she answered: Should’ve Held On/ Again by Astro. I love k-pop, Korean pop music made in South Korea and this is a group I’d never listened to!

Shatter Me News

From Aditi @ Readers Rule where she gathers all sorts of great book news as well as talk about her bookish loves. She did the checking for us YA fans and learned that the Shatter Me series is going to continue with three more books in the series. Plus, and this was really fascinating news…Mike Le is writing a screenplay/teleplay for Shatter Me to come to ABC!

Diverse Read

From Kari @ Moon Magister Reviews where she shared a little bit about her bookish dreams. I loved learning about where she’s living and her aspirations… Plus some of her reading where she talked about a diverse read that I immediately put on my tbr pile! …Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed! What caught my attention was “…the plot which is an awesome mix of ghouls, blood magic and classical alchemy, is the rarity of non-eurocentric fantasy written by a POC author.” Middle Eastern story with magic…very cool!

That’s it for week #1’s edition of This Week’s Appreciation… Had you heard the Shatter Me news? Do you like diverse books? Have you heard of k-pop or k-dramas? Please check out these blogs, they are wonderful!

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9 thoughts on “This Week’s Appreciation #1”

    1. Thanks Lashaan! That’s what I’m hoping… we can’t always read every post the blogs we follow put up so I’m hoping to hit things that I found cool or important that others may have missed. I appreciate you stopping by!

  1. Thank you so much. 🙂 Astro is a new kpop boy group that is formed just last year. They are still rookies but I fell in love with them after watching the korean drama which they starred in before their debut called ‘To Be Continue’.

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