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Top 5 Fictional Jobs I’d Want to Have

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This week’s topic is Authors You Want to Read More From. I had no idea what authors to pick so I decided to go back to another week I missed and regretted… March 1st – Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have. It’s crazy but there are some dangerous jobs out there and I want to sign up!

Bounty Hunter from Hell

#5 – Bounty Hunter from Hell

Book: The Edge of Everything. Okay so I don’t actually want to be X trapped in hell even though I’m innocent… but if I was a wicked person who deserved to go to hell after living for a wicked time on earth then I would think I would love to reap other wicked people and drag them down to share my fate. I mean come on what other fun are you going to have if you end up in hell? It would be cool to pull the sins out of a person and be able to broadcast them on any available surface… who wouldn’t enjoy a power like that? And plus you get to beat up the down and dirty… and get tattoos that commemorate your captures… The only cons to this dirty job is you unfortunately live in hell, can’t tell anyone about your cases and have some douche bag Lords that tell you what to do.

Para-Archaeologist and Historian

#4 – Historian or Para-Archaeologist

Book: Earth Girl or After Glow. A really dreamy job for me has always been that of an archaeologist. I know there is dirt and bugs and sleeping outdoor in tents, not my idea of a good time, but if I were a psychic who got to go to another world and study an ancient people who could do magic and figure out how to turn off their traps… I might not be so down on the whole getting dirty thing! Or if I was on a future earth and had to chose between being in medical or a historian – I would definitely pick a historian! And by historian I mean an archaeologist who gets to use cool sci-fi tools to dig around the dangerous and rotting ruins of old earth cities. How cool would that be unearthing pieces of history left behind by the earliest people portaling to other worlds? The only con would be the extreme danger I would be in every day working on deadly traps or in centuries old ruins.

Cyborg Mechanic

#3 – Cyborg Mechanic

Series: The Lunar Chronicles. Who doesn’t want to come back to life after a really horrifying crash in a spacecraft? I certainly do! And if that meant I had an empty compartment in my metal leg to hold helpful tools and weapons then I would suffer that indignity with long suffering! Sure I would have to wear gloves when I go to fancy parties but I would just seem a little more traditional than all the other girls. Really I’m totally jonesing to be able to know when someone is lying to me and be able to look something up on the internet with just a thought. Plus a little friend like Iko would be well worth the negatives… The only con being the extreme prejudice I would experience being looked down on as a cyborg in a world caught up in being pure and unchanging.

Nura on Dragon

#2 – Leader of a Yokai Clan

Manga: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and Black Bird as well as many other books. Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons found in Japanese folklore. They have supernatural powers and yet have to stay hidden in our world. Sure the love of your life is in constant danger because if your rival yokai clan eats her their leader becomes more powerful than you, but hey at least she loves you… And hey who wouldn’t want to be able to fight off any enemy and have a build in group of friends consisting of all the Yokai you’ve ever beaten!? Any come on I’d love to be able to fly on a dragon through the night sky… The only con is that you are constantly trying to be pushed out of power; it’s exhausting to keep fit enough for all those battles…

Dragon Rider

#1 – Dragon Raiser and Rider

All joking aside if dragons existed I would totally be in college learning how to raise them and ride them. I’d even go to war, learn to fight and kill things (if I really had too in order to keep my job). There isn’t a particular series or book that I can point to and say that started my love of dragons… if I run across a series and it’s about raising a baby dragon then basically I am totally captured already… I haven’t read a good dragon series in many years but the only con I can think of is cleaning up after it!

Have you read any of these books? Do you want their jobs? Can you suggest a good dragon series? Please leave a link to your post this week and I’ll check it out!

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