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Top 5 Favorite Manga (Non-Novel Forms)

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Samantha and Lainey. Feel free to join in! Check out the group Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads for the weekly topics…

This week’s topic is Favorite LGBTQ+ Reads that feature LGBTQ+ characters or are by LGBTQ+ authors. I haven’t read that many… in fact Every Heart a Doorway is one of the only ones that I know of… I look forward to finding some good books to add to my tbr list this week.

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Since I can’t contribute to this topic I decided to go back to a week I regretted missing: February 15th: Favorite Non-Written Novels. This was a hard topic to name, but this is about all books that are not ‘written’ novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms.”

I’ve only listened to three books in audiobook format so far ever so I’ll post about those later… Manga is one of my favorite book/story formats. Akin to a graphic novel but exclusively written by the Japanese there are as many genres as there is in YA fiction! Their covers aren’t very pretty but please don’t judge them by their outsides…

#5 – The Betrayal Knows My Name, vol.1

The Betrayal Knows My Name, vol1 cover

This is a yaoi manga, specifically written for straight woman who are fascinated with boy on boy love. It is a clean version so it is quite fascinating without getting sexually graphic. All the boys are quite beautiful and their relationships are very moving but there is also a brother and sister relationship that is quite compelling. If you enjoy reincarnation then this is a series to try your first manga on!

#4 – Ouran High School Host Club, vol.1

Ouran High School Host Club Vol1 cover

This is a reverse harem and cross-dressing manga. If you love funny stories then this is the one for you! There is so much to giggle over that you can’t read it all in one sitting otherwise you will crack a rib… Haruhi is blackmailed into joining a host club with six super-rich and hot guys. Tamaki is my favorite because he is so melodramatic and everyone tends to give in to him, lol! It’s such fun!

#3 – Dengeki Daisy, vol.1

Dengeki Daisy vol1 cover

This is straight up shojo manga at it’s best. Teru has just lost her brother and is now an orphan. Ever since then his friend Daisy chats with her through texts. When the mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki starts to help her when she gets in trouble at school she doesn’t realize Daisy could be closer than she thinks… This is a story about a hacker who seeks to redeem himself and the girl who helps him to it, you will be totally sucked in if you loves stories where two people are destined for one another…

#2 – Black Bird, vol.1

Black Bird vol1 cover

This is my guilty pleasure manga. We all have them, a book others don’t really like and think is a crime but you secretly love it…this is my manga one! Centered on the leader family of the Tengu, a yokai clan that take the form of human ravens, it is totally a romance between Kyo and the human he fell in love with as a girl. There isn’t as much use of their abilities as I would like but I love the world and totally would read another series with these characters where battles happen and Misao shares her blood to help them win!

#1 – Fruits Basket, vol.1

Fruits Basket vol1 cover

This is the best manga I’ve ever read! Hands down… Tohru Honda helps save the Sohma family afflicted with an ancient curse and best of all rescues Kyo and Yuki! You are so sucked into this family and Tohru is the epitome of a strong girl who is kind and resilient. It’s a story of backstories and breaking down the mental walls that aren’t protecting so much as secluding one loved one from another. It’s so beautiful you’ll race through the volumes…

Don’t be intimidated by the backward nature of the manga format. You quickly get used to reading right to left. The creativity these stories have quickly invest you…

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