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Top 10 Tuesday: Instant Reads

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to share any topic, theme or ANYTHING (i.e. if X person recommends it) that will make you instantly want to pick up a book… We all have overwhelmingly long “to be read” lists…mine is longer than the number of books I’ve read (which only goes back to 2012 but still…) There are just certain tropes or sub-genres that speak to us, either in the moment or that we have always been attracted to. I need to read these books because…

What makes you instantly want to read a book?

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#10 – Hyped Books

When you hear about a book over and over again you begin to wonder what about the story drew in the readers. Was it the writing? Masterful storycraft? A character trope? Story balance? Well maybe every reader doesn’t think of these things, lol! As a writer myself I’m intrigued by books and series that create a fandom around them. As I’ve studied this in books, movies and television I’ve been super surprised by my findings…

#9 – Strong Premise

This might sound crazy but if the premise is strong, i.e. specific, different and stirring then I may just add it! When I read I want to learn about things I’ve not personally experienced and that covers a wide range of subjects. Since books tend to follow themes I look out for those books that stand out from other similar books that I’ve read about. And finally I listen to my gut. If something in the premise stirs promise in my heart then I go for it! I won’t get to every book I add to my tbr so every book must pass this test…

#8 – Different Characters

Right now diverse characters and authors are really popular. Before diversity there was just characters that were different somehow from me, the reader. I enjoy diverse characters whether they are marginalized or just different. They could be socially awkward, fat or a girl with bird wings. I’m attracted to that which is different from me. I want to understand these characters and experience life from their perspectives…

#7 – Historical Element

I’m not really a fan of historical novels. I read thousands of historicals when I was a teenager and I’m just not that interested. I saturated myself with history so much that I’ve probably read a book with “that” premise if its a straight up historical trying to be fairly accurate to history even if centered on fictional characters. I do love when you take unexpected elements and almost create an alternate history. An example would be a paranormal power and set it in Regency time. Yeah!

#6 – Twins

I’m a fan of all sorts of different relationships, not just ones between lovers… from family ones to friendships of all sorts. And a book with an intriguing relationship will win me over to trying it every time… but the ultimate relationship is the one between twin siblings! There is something so compelling about having a person in your life that you can never escape (its really not possible to get rid of family only ignore them) but where the bond is so strong that you can even mirror each other, either through opposites or similarities…

#5 – Dragons and Other Creatures

Dragons have been a passionate love of mine since I was young. I do ridiculous things when there is some kind of kitsch dragon object to be had…even if it isn’t to my tastes… I know totally ridiculous! If I see a book about dragons then I normally totally go for it. I find though that the passion can extend to other creatures like the chimera in Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It can be a race, a unique side character or an unusual protagonist!

#4 – Other Worlds with Powers

I’m a total fantasy nerd and love experiencing new worlds… it can be a world hidden inside out own a la Harry Potter or a totally fictitious world that exists in some far off place. It can be medieval or terribly futuristic! Give me a place to explore and things to learn. Many times these worlds are different from our own because the characters have special powers. We all have talents but to have them amped up as supernatural in a new and different world is loads of fun…

#3 – Asian Influenced or Character

As a totally white looking chick most people don’t know that I have some strong Japanese heritage. As a family it has always been an influence in our lives and with exposure to k-dramas I have really fallen in love! As a culture it is not something I can get enough of… I don’t care about specific races so much as love how Asian culture in general gives a different perspective to characters and how we should approach life!

#2 – Post Apocalyptic

Ever since I read The Deathlands series as a teenager I have loved post apocalyptic. Even terrible books and series in this genre can get me to read them… some readers don’t realize that dystopian is a different genre that is close but different from post apocalyptic. There is more of a survival element to the PA genre than to dystopian which is more about fighting government. I’m all for a fight but politics don’t interest me… give me a terrible environment fraught with terror any day!

#1 – Broken People or Mental Illness

Just as my favorite genre is about surviving a dangerous landscape I am totally intrigued by those having to survive horrible life experiences or debilitating mental landscapes. Whether a book about familial abuse or OCD I love to get inside characters’ heads and understanding a little bit of what the are going through…

What are your favorite book tropes? Favorite genres? What draws you to a book? Is it the person suggesting it or the premise?

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Instant Reads”

  1. Hyped books are such a no-brainer. I actually forgot to include those in my own list. In regard to hyped books I’m not that hard to convince so anytime a book is super hyped, it obviously immediately make me curious!

  2. Historical elements really get me going as well, although on my list I narrowed it down to just WWII books.

    I love Diverse Characters as well. Sometimes you need a book that you can relate to, but more often I find myself wanting to escape my world with a book.

    1. Yeah I love the escapism of reading! Throw a little history in though… there have been several books about WWII lately that reference events that aren’t as well known…

  3. The blurb draws me in if it mentions an interesting character, or a fascinating situation, or something else that catches me. The rest is up to the author.

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