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Top 5 Books to Make into Video Games

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Samantha and Lainey. Feel free to join in! Check out the group Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads for the weekly topics…

Top 5 Wednesday BannerThis week’s topic is Books That Would Make Good Video Games. This was a really fun topic this week as my family and I are big gamers. We’ve played all types from RPGs and shoot’em ups to puzzle games and simulations – we love video games. In fact when I mentioned it to the other members of my household there were shout outs that I couldn’t help agreeing with…


#5 – Deathlands Series

Pilgrimage to Hell cover

This was one of my picks and is the gateway series that got me to love the YA dystopia and post apocalyptic genre. To this day it is still my favorite post apocalyptic series of all time! We have Ryan and Krysty, a couple who travel around the world through redoubts or jump gates that still are working despite the radioactive red dust clouds of a generation-old global nuclear war still circling the planet. Muties (mutated monsters) and men who who prey on other men would be the enemies. I love the built in travel devices as well as the fact you can’t go backwards as each redoubt is stuck on the last jump it made. The weapons of choice are guns so this would be the perfect alternate shoot’em up game in a world rich with story and enemies!

#4 – Adventurer’s Wanted Series

Slathbogs Gold cover - Adventurers Wanted #1

This was suggested to me and I remember how he raved about this series the entire time he read it. In fact multiple roommates have read this series and all agreed it is the perfect premise for a game and had untold possibilities. A middle grade series that can hold the attention of adults is pretty stellar without knowing about the story… Alex Taylor uses a staff and sword through the stories and joins 8-man groups going off on dungeon craw missions. When the group is short you can ask other adventurers to join you or you can pick from the trusty people you’ve worked with before. For those lovers of the typical D&D games but who want creativity and versatility in their class!

#3 – Cinder

Cinder cover

I’m still reading this book but it immediately popped into my mind as an excellent gaming world. I actually don’t know the story beyond the 50% mark of book #1 but hey you already have a cyborg mechanic who wields wrenches (what a cool starter class), a superior race from the moon called Lunars and mutant soldiers. The point of the game could be to save the world from the fascist aliens, marry the prince, drive off in your junkyard fixer upper or all of the above. There are also a ton of sick people who could give you quests so you level up and along the way have the opportunity to learn about your back history. This would be perfect for the newbie gamer who wants a little action but also wants to concentrate on their professions and the story.

#2 – The Bone Witch

The Bone Witch cover

This was not a favorite book of mine but the idea of asha and death knights would make an incredible class system in a game! You could be the type of asha who do quests for royalty, basically an entertainer or you could be a professions asha who create jewelry and potions or you could be a battle asha who go out and fight daeva. All sorts of back history could provide all manner of quests and there are 8 kingdoms to form a larger world to explore. The benefit is replayablity! There are so many different classes and ways you can experience the world…

#1 – Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series

ASP of Ascension cover

This one was my best friend’s idea and I love it! You play a girl who needs a brace to walk but due to the Egyptian asp cuff you find in a museum you can buzz around quicker than the eye and beat up petty villains. You could even be under the protection of one of the evil Egyptian gods and go totally rogue. There would be Scooby-doo type mysteries to solve along the way and a bigger villainous group in the background that you slowly learn more about as you beat each challenge. There would be tombs to explore and artifacts you gain for new abilities… with the right graphics this game would be a total hit!

I love video games and grew up fighting my brothers for the consoles (we shared one between 5 of us!) Game producers hear out requests!!

Top 5 Wednesday LogoThanks for Reading, XOXO

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