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Daughter of Ash… a Pyrokinetic Nightmare!

Kate is a killing machine though not as perfect as her creators intended… always switched on she burns everything she touches… clothes, food, furnishings, people. Escaping at the age of seven, Kate manages to pass the time killing for the man who showed her kindness, El Tío. With holographic clothing Kate strides in and takes care of anyone in the way. When she learns there is a way to cure her she heads into the Badlands the only way she can…on her own two feet.

Daughter of Ash cover

Daughter of Ash
The Awakened #4
Published: March 7th 2017
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

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After giving Prophet of the Badlands a 5 star I was totally expecting to do the same thing for this book… While it lacked the magic of the first book in the series I enjoyed Kate’s totally different take on the same incredible world building.

I was totally floored by this premise! I loved that she was always switched on so that she burns everything she touches… clothes, food, furnishings, people. That totally worked for me and I wanted there to be this incredible journey like Althea went on… while I was disappointed in this Kate’s own path is worthy of being traveled…

Kate didn’t grow up with parents or even come from a womb… she was a test tube experiment that was discarded so young. I really wished we had followed that girl as she escaped, lived on her own up until she met El Tío and then did a huge time jump. To me that would have made the best setup. What we got was a bit tedious and ho-hum. I understand that Kate’s life is not pleasant and really sucks, but it got really boring to hear her repeat the same complaints over and over again. There are reasons some things are highlighted so much like her desire to have human contact, especially sex, but there wasn’t the growth there was with Althea.

Once you get past the really boring setup (which does have some cool battles and shows us Kate’s badass personality, especially her temper and her horrible lifestyle) … the plot as we head into the Badlands has its old magic back! I really enjoyed every interaction once she hits the armored truck company. It was such a neat idea going in and you totally buy her motivation. A 5-star middle! I loved how her plans got sidetracked and she ran into Althea!! I totally bought the old priest and found him eery and freaky. Like the first book the villains in this are truly evil and villainess, the stakes are high…

Althea was the best part of the book to me though I was so disappointed that Den was not mentioned, even as a bystander! It was like the author forgot about his own ending… I did quite love the girl Kate travels with through the Badlands and Esteban ripped me up as well. And we learned more about the incredible Aurora… While Kate was much stupider than Althea ruled as she was by her incredible need to touch things and her horrid temper I appreciated that she didn’t just go off half cocked (though she made some major mistakes) when she didn’t get her way. She was truly portrayed as a girl messed up due to her youth.

I felt like the author did not know how to start or end Kate’s story but while the end didn’t wow me much but it did tie up in a similar if less stunning fashion than Althea’s book.

BOTTOM LINE: Inconsistent delivery of a fascinating world and character. 3.5 stars.

Thanks to Curiosity Quills Press for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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