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Top Ten Reasons I Love Kdramas

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to show off our inner nerd (or outer, because let’s be honest here…) with a fandom freebie! 

The hallyu wave has swept through the international community because of their talented good-looking casts, relatable stories, and emotional acting. Here are my reasons I fell in love with dramas from South Korea and why I’m a total fan…

Is there a fandom you are dying to share?

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#10 – Readily Available Subtitles

Most people screw up their face at me when I talk about my Korean drama fandom. They don’t understand how I can watch something in a language I don’t understand. Contrary to most people’s idea kdramas are readily available in English subtitles.  Korean is actually a very beautiful language and the emotional resonance it gives scenes is quite compelling.

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#9 – Short Single Season Dramas

Most Korean dramas are 16-20 episodes for the entire story arc. There is no long, drawn out stories that span season after season. The cliffhangers are literally at the end of an episode! Many things happen in these episodes but the story is paced at a speed that modern people will love!

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#8 – Multiple Kinds of Relationships

Korean drama writers understand that their audience wants to see stories about more than a couple falling in love. They want to see friendships, parents, siblings, frenemies, coworkers as well as the full spectrum of lovers. A drama is stocked full of a variety of relationships that all add a richness to the story!

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#7 – Stories About Life

The premises of kdramas are incredible! They are funny and kooky and serious and dark. They are about rich people, poor people, families. We explore all sorts of occupations from time travelers to business people to computer programmers. Nothing (mostly) is off limits if it makes the center of a story about people and the struggles they go through.

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#6 – Korean and Asian Culture

I don’t know about you but I love learning about different cultures. That is what drew me to kdramas at first and I fell in love! They are centered around their families and treating their elders with respect. It’s not perfect like America is not perfect but it is unique and it is theirs. From fish cake stands to fate and reincarnation to a fascination with teeth brushing, I love how we are alike and how we are different.

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#5 – Talented Eye Candy

Many times viewers watch a television show for their favorite actors. The same will be true with kdramas except due to the short seasons we have many opportunities to see out favorite pretty faces over and over again. You’ll begin to wonder how everyone in Korea is so good looking (like perfect) and it’ll be easy to make a list of your favorites. The best thing will be to see these impeccably dressed characters is their latest drama!

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#4 – Emotional Acting

Asians have a bad rap in America as emotional-less. The actors tapped for kdramas couldn’t be the furthest from emotional-less. Their expressions are some of the best acting in media today. They are able to use their faces to express everything a human heart can feel and make the audience feel it too!

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#3 – Love Making without the Ick

Koreans for the most part do not want to see people being getting down and dirty with each other. I really respect this as I don’t either. I love a good romance with all the compelling moments that draw the couple together but I know what sex is and how it works I don’t need a tutorial in the middle of my drama!

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#2 – Unique Couple Moments

The production teams for kdramas take their jobs really serious. They are the best at developing unique and defining moments for the couples in each drama they produce. They know how to highlight the little things that made the couple fall in love and define them with music, setting and sweeping shots.

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#1 – Romance

Koreans love romance! I love romance! At the heart of most kdramas is a love story. How we get there changes and what the characters do to make a living but at the end of the day its about couples coming together.

Do you know about kdramas? Are you a fan? What fandoms are you rabid about?

Top Ten Tuesday LogoThanks for reading! XOXO

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24 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Kdramas”

      1. I haven’t watched too many just because I haven’t had time, but the last one I was absolutely OBSESSED with was Scarlet Heart. Have you watched that?

      You’re Beautiful
      The King 2 Hearts
      Master’s Sun
      Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
      The Heirs
      Secret Garden
      Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo
      Lie to Me

      BTW I listed them in order for you if you have a fav pic 😁

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