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The Travesty in The Yellow Envelope

Kim decides that she’s sick of her regular 9 to 5 existence and convinces her husband that she missed out on traveling the world and writing. The only way to rectify this travesty is for them to quit their jobs and head out to South America where they can travel cheaply. Friends give them a yellow envelope as a gift with money they can give away if they like.

The Yellow Envelope cover

1 Star.
DNFed at 51%.

9% in I knew I was in trouble with this book. I say: “Okay this woman is crazy! I loved she started with the story about the boy and haggling with him. That whet my interest before she got into how obsessed she was about her midlife crisis…”

22% in I was so, so tired of this woman that if I could I would have given her husband a medal for enduring her! This is what I said: “I find this woman incredibly selfish… now at her first stop not only does she regret doing this but now she feels the husband she convinced to go with her to be an albatross around her neck. She wants to travel alone and be free of his noncommittal ways. *rolls eyes* but it’s all worth it because the kids taught her to let go and she’s working up to making a mistake…”

34% in I decide that I have truly been deceived about this book… I say: “I feel like this book is more about Kim trying to decide if she should get a divorce or not rather than about the yellow envelope or her travel experiences. Telling us that she’s been cheating in her mind while her husband is wishing for them to be happy together does not endear me to her.”

37% I was fed up…I say: “I am seriously considering DNFing this. I HATE doing that to a book I’ve been given for free to review but my honest opinion is this book misrepresented itself. It did not talk about a crazy selfish woman who dragged her husband on this trip only to struggle not to cheat, leave or divorce the man! This is supposed to be about the experiences from the trip… can’t read anymore today…”

The horrible fact is the mid-life crisis continued without relenting. We get these same thoughts over and over and over and over again all through the 50% I read until he finally agrees… I won’t say that the recount of her travels was without some mention of the places she visited or the experiences she had but they were a dim 5th or 6th to her ranting about her feelings and how she must be alone without her lousy husband who agreed to this trip at her insistence. I can’t say that I would recognize a single place she mentioned if I visited it myself. The descriptions were that poor.

“I loved the idea of the visit to the lake island but the descriptions were too abysmal! Literally just “a crushing blue sky”! What about the lake and the ruins – I mean describe it!!”

What really incenses me is that the yellow envelope was rather incidental to her whole experience. It was more about her learning how delusional she is and how focused on appearances she’s been. Kim literally runs her husband into the ground, it’s hard to respect this woman though I understand. She’s been told to believe only she matters, only her feelings and her perspective.

I waited until the great rickshaw race and when that turned into self congratulating about how kicking her husband to the curb was the way to go I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to like this book! I wanted to read about cultures and people that Kim fell in love with, hated or scared her. I wouldn’t have minded if her struggles in her marriage were a brief part of the story that highlighted what she learned from her cultural experiences. But I drowned in the overwhelming ranting… It felt like she simply pulled what she’d written while on her trip and was so self-centered that all she found in her journal were simple notes about the people/places and pages and pages about her marriage.

I sincerely felt finishing the book would damage my own mental health.

BOTTOM LINE: A guide on how to divorce one’s husband.**

**To be frank I don’t care if they worked it out and all is happy between them. I really disliked being ranted into a corner so much that I didn’t care a flying flip about Kim or the state of her marriage!!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

NetGalley delivers digital galleys, often called advance reading copies, or ARCs, to professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles. Professional readers–reviewers, media, journalists, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators–can join and use NetGalley at no cost.” Netgalley is a special section of my book discussions where I post reviews of the digital books I read through this service. It’s quite amazing the gems you can find. I’ve yet to regret reading a book, even if I don’t like it…



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