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Favorite Non-Human Characters


Fantasy is one of my all time favorite genres and I want to talk about it in a regular fashion… Chats and lists (lists, yo!) and all sorts of genre touching discussions! Fantasy Discussions FeaturedThis is a list that could potentially have hundreds of favorite characters made up of humanoids from different races. To limit the list a little more I decided my favs would have to be those characters that differ from humans in a significant way.

Skylark CoverNix in Skylark series

Nix to me will always be a she even though I know it’s technically a genderless machine. Called a pixie, Nix is a little mechanical insect like creature that can take different shapes depending on it’s needs. Made by the city’s Institute, it was sent to spy on Lark until the girl damages it and Nix becomes an agent unto itself. I personally would totally trust it if Nix came to me… This isn’t the best series but I enjoyed it and especially adore the relationship between Lark and Nix.

Spirits that walk in Shadow coverRugee in Spirits That Walk in Shadow

Rugee is the household “god” that Jamie brought to college with her. See its her first time away from her family of witches. Rugee who is revered beings by their family makes some suggestions to Jamie who against what the elders told her helps her new roommate. Rugee is a presence that takes the form of a salamander or lizard. I saw Rugee as a sort of dragon almost but I loved that he was in a harmless, regular form. This book has way too much telling but the world building is amazing!

Rosemary and Rue CoverSpike in Rosemary and Rue

Spike is what October calls her rose goblin, a flower fae who looks like the bastard child of a house cat and a rose bush. Spike is covered with short, soft-looking pink and gray rose thorns and gets along with October’s other two cats famously.I love when Spike communicates with October by rattling his thorns and whining. Because of October’s ability with smells she knows Spike’s scent is of peat moss and roses.

“Rose goblins are built like porcupines – if you rub them the right way, you don’t have to worry about the spines. They’re sort of like people in that regard, too.” ― Rosemary and Rue.

The Golden Compass coverPan in His Dark Materials series

Pan, short for Pantalaimon, is Lyra Silvertongue’s dæmon.The concept of dæmons are really cool, a physical manifestation of a human soul, they have an animal shape and their own personality. Pan was rather cowardly to Lyra’s boldness and silver tongue. I loved how adventurous Pan was changing shape all the time before he settled. Sometimes he would change shape for a practical purpose to help Lyra: a firefly for light, a bat or owl to spy or a mouse to slip through tight spaces. Pan is integral to Lyra’s story besides being her lifelong companion.

Dragon and Thief coverDraycos in Dragon & Thief

Draycos is a warrior K’da who must have a human host. When Jack finds the dying warrior they unite in purpose. I loved the concept of this dragon race and how Draycos can hide his 3D form in the 4th dimension, like tattoos. Jack and Draycos make a good partnership, their good points meshing well with each other. This isn’t a complex story but more an action and adventure but well worth it for the race creation alone. And I loved the mish mashed way he ate too!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone CoverChimaera race in Daughter of Smoke & Bone series

The chimaera of Eretz boarder on cheating as they have all sorts of forms that include the humanoid shape. But I had to include them as they are the ultimate non-human character. I love the whole idea of a race made up of many different races, because they are smashed together animals made from teeth. Their secret resurrectionists help them to hold together in their fight with the seraphim as they create new bodies in which the collected fallen can rise again is a powerful part of their legacy as a fictional race.

Have you read any of these books? Did these characters find a place in your heart? What are your favorite non-human characters?

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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*I adapted this post from the group Hype or Like Friday on Goodreads where you can find the weekly topics and the book of the month… created by Jillian, Larkin, and Britt.


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