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Top 5 Book Betrayals

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Samantha and Lainey. Feel free to join in! Check out the group Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads for the weekly topics…

Top 5 Wednesday BannerThis week’s topic is Favorite Book/Character Betrayals. Thinking about this topic I realized it would be really easy to just pick a handful of 1-star books that disappointed me. That felt like a cop out so I looked for ones where I felt I legitimate sense of betrayal. I don’t blame characters for being jerks so the books will have to take the fall.


#1 – The Bone Witch

The Bone Witch coverThe cover is so beautiful that I was immediately smitten without even reading the blurb. Then it talked about asha, elemental magic and beasts, not even to mention the idea of a necromancy enabled bone witch! I had high hopes for this story and yes I was disappointed. The story was slow, there was very little showing and I felt so distant from Tea and the rest of the characters it became frustrating. Where I felt betrayed was a girl who is “feared and ostracized in the kingdom” shouldn’t turn out to be a woman deserving of that treatment. I’d rather read about an underdog than a terrorist, whatever their reason for terrorizing may be. Tea, without any call to, made some ethical choices she knows are wrong and that is just in the present...

#2 – The Dragon Round

The Dragon Round coverI adore all books about baby dragons. I fell in love with Gray just as Evelyn did as she and her other island mate, Jeryon raised and trained the dragon. I don’t normally read adult fare because it tends to be dark and gloomy, heavy and all about how horrible life is to the characters. I just don’t have enough emotions to burn on such a world even in fiction. It was no surprise to me that this book turned out that way, but I was still disappointed! I mean there was a baby dragon! Where my betrayal lay was in Jeryon and Gray and their piss poor relationship. You don’t read a whole book about the love between an animal and its caretakers only to have it turn on those same providers.

#3 – The Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere coverA young adult mystery series by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Elizabeth George… what is not to like? I read this highly anticipating the mystery and exploring the ability of the main character, Becca, who can hear whispers, the thoughts of other people. The characterization of the secondary characters was quite good and they all felt like individuals I could run into on Whidbey Island but in no way did the story do justice to Ms. George’s reputation. She betrayed the reader when no one’s motivations made any sense. I had so many questions and none of them were answered to any degree of satisfaction. There were no reasons given for many of the contrived actions of so many. Part of what makes a story so great is that we understand at least the motives of the point of view character.

#4 – Red Queen

Red Queen coverThis was Goodreads Choice 2015 winner and I had the disadvantage of reading it. I remember being so incensed about this book that I immediately opened Goodreads and wrote my thoughts. That such a book with such twisted and sick thinking and actions is hailed as a winner is such a betrayal. For example, saying that you being a terrorist is alright and killing innocent people is all right because your cause is right. That’s like saying 9/11 was all right because those terrorists thought their cause was right!!! IT IS NOT ALL RIGHT!!!!

Everyone is entitled to their opinions you might say and I don’t disagree, but it makes me so sad that the world could think this is good. (Please excuse the hot way this book makes me feel, especially if you were a fan! ^.^)

#5 – Honey Hunt, Vol.6

Honey Hunt vol6 coverManga is a fun comic like medium that I love. I particularly love the shojo type of story where relationships are the focus in a slice of life sort of way. This series is a shorter one stopping after only 6 volumes even though it seemed the mangaka had more story in the works. This is one of those times the betrayed came from so many sources that it knocks you back on your butt in shock. Yura choose the guy who cares for her the least making the same mistakes as the mother she hates and rejecting the other men in her life as well as sacrificing the career she claimed she wanted so badly. It just doesn’t make sense and made me question what the mangaka was even trying to say with her story.

These books made my blood boil… it’s so hard when you feel betrayed after the same author sucked you into their stories.

Top 5 Wednesday LogoThanks for Reading, XOXO

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Betrayals”

  1. Wow, you have been unlucky with your betrayals! I always find the hype surrounding a book ruins it too, like Red Queen :/
    Oh no! I wanted to read The Bone Witch too, I think I might put that one off for a while now.

    1. You are so right – it’s the hype that is the downfall… You must be a good book picker to only have 4!

      If world building is a draw for you then I say go for The Bone Witch…

    1. I’m glad to hear others felt like I did about Red Queen. I felt so alone at the outrage and anger I felt directed at that protagonist… I highly don’t suggest it (though if you want to read it to form your own opinion I applaud that idea!) Thanks Claudia…

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