I’ll Hug You More Flip-Sided Book

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A flip-sided book, turn around and the story keeps going… Animal parents and their children share all the times they say “I Love You” with a hug.

The illustrations make this a winner, hands down. Each time I’ve opened this digital book I’ve poured over the illustrations! They are quite compelling due to the art style and how the colors suck you in. I love how each parent and child is framed on the page and how the backgrounds or lack of them work with the colors. I can’t rave enough about the art in this book, I literally could use them for art in a child’s playroom.

I was a little befuddled at first by the flip-sided nature of the eBook, once I figured it out, I loved it! I adore how we start from all the ways a parent and child can spend extra time together then we flip it over and go through all the ways a parent serves their child as a way of saying I love you. It acts almost as a thank you from child to parent. So special! The words were repetitious but that is part of the charm, especially for children who are still building their vocabulary. It focuses the child on the differences and so the message reads loud and clear.

I have the unique perspective of experiencing picture books from my nephew’s point of view, the target audience. He adored this book! Which actually quite surprised me as it seems girly with the purples of the cover, but he didn’t think so at all. He grinned through the whole book and was delighted by all the hugging. We talked about what the different animals were and it was quite fun to talk about the platypus and the snake being loving to their children. Each book we read together he picks a spread in the book and draws it. It was hard for him to pick as he loved quite a few of them. I wish we had the real book on hand as he loved the puffin parent and child drawing, it was too hard for him to draw having only half the page so he picked the octopus couple which he drew amazingly well. I’ve started to notice when illustrations are well framed my nephew is able to pickup on their layout easier… so well done!

BOTTOM LINE: A must have for loving families!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is what my nephew drew from the book>



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