Can You Find My Robot’s Arm? by Chihiro Takeuchi

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A robot loses his arm and the little mini robot that takes care of him gets the readers help to find it.

I am very blessed to be in the position of being able to relate what the target audience may think about the book. My nephew and I started reading story books together earlier this year. At first only 2 or 3 a week and now we read one almost 5 days a week and he does a drawing of his own from one of the artists drawings. This creates an environment where we talk about what he enjoyed in the book and which pictures struck a chord with him.

The words were simple and repetitive. The story is at its most basic. My nephew liked that there weren’t any words he didn’t know once we read the first couple pages. Sometimes he gets frustrated when there are too many words he doesn’t know. If a younger child read this book it reinforces the words being used very well and as you travel to different locations you can teach other words not in the book, like amusement park. This is definitely a book about the illustrations. Still at the end of the book my nephew loved that we got to learn where the arm really was!! He just thought that was so funny and delightful!

The technique to make the illustrations was quite wonderful as we take this paper-cut journey through home, garden, library, amusement park, aquarium, workshops and the big city. Not one of these places was of lesser quality than the others. We read the book digitally but I felt like I would love this to be a large board book of the variety for very young readers. I feel like regular paper pages would easily get torn from the child pouring over the illustrations so much. A board book suits the blocks of color that frame the words too.

My nephew can speed through a book quite swiftly if he’s rather uninterested in the drawings but this one we talked about quite a few of the locations and what the stark black and white lines were representative of in the real world! He chose the amusement park to draw as it had many of the elements he loves like the flying air ships and the games out front. My only concern is that the surprise of where the arm is can only happen once. That makes re-reading all about the drawings, so you have to pick this book up at the right age for the child to maximize their time with it (as they will eventually grow out of it.)

BOTTOM LINE: A fun journey through imaginative places…

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is what my nephew drew from the book>



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