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K-drama is short for Korean drama, a scripted television show made in Korea for Korean and Asian audiences that fans all around the world now stream over the internet. You might have already heard of Japanese anime or manga or know a friend that is just rabid about it. And you don’t get it. How can something in another language make you happy? Let alone excite you to fandom?!

As a type of television show I love the many moments to be found in a k-drama. These moments highlight a dearly held love of mine– culture. I have long been fascinated with how other people live and it became quite clear to me, after my very first k-drama, so are Koreans. They love to explore all sorts of class divisions and love delving into different careers and professions and all manner of lifestyles from the countryfied, to the working woman to the fabulously wealthy chaebols. I believe that’s why other forms that showcase culture (different from our own) like anime and manga cultivate such fandom. And while the cartoon nature of the Japanese forms may turn you off, the realistic and dramatic nature of k-dramas will not.

As the strengths from other cultures play out in their own books, movies, and television we can learn of their ways. One technique Asians are expert in is showing vs. telling. The Asian audience is more sophisticated in some ways than the like American audience as they learn to read a situation and make their own conclusions without having to be told outright. This is a skill everyone can and should develop and is of particular use to a wannabe storyteller.

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