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Storytelling has many art forms, and I am in love with them all! From the dawn of time there has been storytelling wherever two or more people have gathered, a storyteller has come forward to spin tales for a willing audience, sometimes total fiction with idealistic threads, sometimes total truth with its brutal pricks and welling blood. Storytelling is to express ideas about life in an entertaining way that the hearer or reader can relate to and ponder in comparison to their own life.

Writing on the other hand is the use of words, arranged in a style, form or quality that preserves the stories of storytellers. With the advent of modern life we aren’t gathered around a fire, radio or newspaper anymore. There are millions of storytellers vying for our attention and yet less time is taken in learning and applying the skills needed to craft a truly compelling story. This storytelling skill is so lost there is a huge reliance on “based on real events” stories. In films producers cram CGI special effects into every inch of the screen. Television programs rely on celebrities to give their show star billing. There is this idea abroad in the world that spectacle is needed to pump up a story and capture attention.

Editing is a useful skill to a budding storyteller. As our knowledge of storytelling guidelines increase and as we come to understand what good storytelling looks like we can strengthen our own stories and recognize when those stories will have the greatest effect. The stronger the craft the stronger and larger our range of influence. Not everyone need be a perfect writer if we learn to be a gifted storyteller.

Don’t know where to start? Click one of my top series!

I Wanna be Popular too: A Series. You too can learn to engage the audience like these popular books, movie and television series.

A to Z Challenge. I love movies, books, television and other unique forms of media including k-dramas, manga and anime. From A to Z I’ll tap into these to bring you the funnest, most powerful and unusual characters to grace stories everywhere.

Writing Diagnostic Series. Whether you edit words in or out, the point of going over your work is to improve each element of your story. Editing is like a muscle: the more you examine the problems in other stories the easier it is to diagnose troubled areas in your own work.

Purely Production Series. Explore with me the different elements that affect a finished media, for good or ill. We’ll forget about writing for a moment and delve into all the bedazzling doodads that dress a story.


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