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Character is my #1 draw in any story. Books pose a unique experience in the world of media that no other form offers so well: we actually get to occupy other people. Book stories are as much about who the reader is as it is about who the protagonist is. We contrast our own reactions and choices to the ones our protagonists make. We put ourselves in the relationships our protagonists form. Character is the scaffolding all other elements of story are organized around. No other media experience allows us to explore character as deeply, nor is it quite as essential as it is in a book.

Books as a story form rely heavily, almost singularly on the written word. We have a title and cover that, well chosen, ignites our imagination for the words it protects but at its source is merely a starting point. It acts as the gate for the road, the road we journey on as we read the words that carry us forward. An argument can be made that storytelling through books relies upon the strength of our writing craft. Yet there are many popular books that won’t win any writing awards, in fact, many authorities were surprised enough words were strung together to format the story properly… Why then did the book work for readers?

Books are about balance. We learn about writing vs. story craft. Dialogue vs. action. Premise vs. plot. Character vs. abilities. Strong combinations of character, plot and premise can overcome writing simplicity. Whereas extreme complexity in writing can bog down a world to the point only academics can penetrate it. It’s your choices as a writer and what you find important that will dictate the balance in your work. As you study books, finding this balance will strengthen your craft, both writing and story wise.

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