X = Xander

Xander Carrow Spines - Matched Book Series

X is such a lovely letter.

I find it mysterious, powerful and kinda sexy. It fills the space it’s been given and can represent an infinite amount of anything. On the other hand I don’t believe many other writers share my opinion of the loveliness of X. Luckily, I was blessed to have read the young adult book series Matched.

Xander Carrow lives up to the specialness of X.

The childhood best friend of Cassia Reyes, they grew up in each others pockets as neighbors with parents who enjoyed each others company. Xander is smart and ambitious, any girl would feel lucky to be matched with him as per their societies morays.

I really liked Xander because despite his seeming perfection you really didn’t know why he gave the special pills to Cassia. There was a little bit of X mystery there that made you want to know more about him. I was really happy to see him make a decision about the rebellion. He’s one of the first to realize what is going on, certainly realizing way before Cassia. He’s resisted joining, holding himself back as if a special X factor to throw in and win the day at the last moment. Which he certainly does admirably.

Xander Carrow - Matched Book Series

Yeah, Xander is just another discarded male in the middle of an unbalanced love triangle. The thing about love triangles is they happen all the time in real life. We see someone and they laugh or flip their hair and we think wow I’d love to get to know them, but you also have a date for Saturday night. That’s a love triangle. It doesn’t last a whole volume of your life but it does happen every day, as common as people buying coffee.

Xander didn’t let Cassia’s decision spiral him into a depression. No, they stayed friends and he kept moving through life and met another girl, in another seemingly triangle love affair. That’s life, we like people all the time but it’s not reciprocated. While I don’t think we dwell on these triangles as much as the girls in books do I can enjoy meeting guys like Xander who give it there all before moving on.

That’s special like the letter X.

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