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Top Ten Characters Who X

Are there Characters you’d Follow Anywhere?

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to explore a list of characters of our own making. I love these kinds of questions because they make you seriously think about what you’ve read and experienced through the eyes of your favorite characters. This week I took liberties and decided to focus on manga characters. A form of graphic novel with mainly black and white drawings, they are books popular in Japan. Buckle your seat belt for a wild ride with some of the best characters from the world of manga…

Manga Edition

Top 10 Tuesday Banner

Gauche Suede Letter Bee Banner#10 – Gauche Suede

From Tegami Bachi

There are people in our lives that are there for but a moment yet have such long-lasting effect. Such is the case with Gauche Suede tasked as a letter bee to deliver a little boy through the gaichuu invested world. He so inspires said boy, that Lag makes it his goal to become a letter bee too, just like his mentor Gauche Suede.

In such a world where a letter arriving at its destination is of supreme importance, I’d surely follow Gauche Suede, no matter the monsters I’d need to fight, no matter how short a time I’d known him.

Julius Monrey Alice in Country of Hearts Banner#9 – Julius Monrey

From Alice in the Country of Hearts

We are constantly bombarded with acquaintances whom we can get to know more or who simply pass us by during the events of life. Our job is to sift these people for the ones that have the greatest potential. Such is the case with Julius Monrey, the mortician of Wonderland, chained to his duty fixing the clocks that will become the hearts of the reborn residents. Alice is his only relief from his work, but over time her presence in his clock tower becomes his lifeline, his heart and his joy.

In such a world where hearts are made up of time, I’d surely want to be at Julius Monrey’s side over all others. To be the one who can soften a man who only has an automaton ticking away in his chest is surely a good motivation to follow.

Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler Banner#8 – Sebastian Michaelis

From Black Butler

Loyalty is a heady trait is inspire in others. Ciel Phantomhive seems to have such a hold on Sebastian, his butler cum bodyguard. Turns out Sebastian isn’t such an angel after all, so much as a demon who’s made a pact with a boy bent on revenge. Whatever the particulars, as one hell of a butler Sebastian has a devotion to his charge that exceeds all bounds. His ability to handle any task, his challenging nature and his intrigue in Ciel’s reactions are to be envied.

In such a world where a little boy would be tortured and made a slave, I’d surely want a bond, no matter the outcome with such as Sebastian Michaelis.

Takaomi Saeki Oresama Teacher Banner#7 – Takaomi Saeki

From Oresama Teacher

Everyone has had a childhood playmate, whether we’ve stayed in contact with one another is a whole separate matter. What if we didn’t remember we knew them because due to that person we’d bumped our head? What if said person was a delinquent and is still a delinquent despite now being a teacher? Let’s say that teacher picks on you, enjoys teasing you and is even aggressive and cold to manipulate you? Yup, I’d still follow Takaomi anywhere for the sheer fact he taught me to fight and defend myself when I was in elementary school! Such is the crazy student and mentor, girlfriend and boyfriend (rarely), sister and brother friendship Mafuyu Kurosaki has with Takaomi Saeki.

In such a world where a high school boy practically man can befriend an elementary school girl and teach her to beat people up who try to prey on her is surely a bond worth having, a bond with Takaomi Saeki.

Kaname Kuran Vampire Knight Banner#6 – Kaname Kuran

From Vampire Knight

Despite my hatred for tragic love there is something to be said for very real circumstances that bring together two people who can’t be together due to a cause bigger than themselves. Kaname Kuran is at the center of such a relationship with Yuki Cross. He shelters her like a brother, watches over her like a father and loves her like a mate. Following her wishes, despite the hurt it brings him is part and parcel of his love for her.

In a world where the fight between vampire and human is held back due to the desires of one pure-blooded vampire, is a world where I’d want to be with Kaname Kuran even if it ended in tragic love.

Tomoe Kamisama Kiss Banner#5 – Tomoe, A Fox Yōkai

From Kamisama Kiss

Sometimes circumstances whether due to work or home troubles conspire to bring us together with strangers who become closer than family. Such is the case for Nanami Momozono, a teenage girl who inherits a fox demon who served as the familiar of the land god before her. A powerful, long-lived, cynical and mocking Yōkai doesn’t sound like much but when that same Yōkai trusts me, is jealous because of me and does everything constrained by my words, then he’s a partner to be envied.

In a world of land gods, fox demons and animal familiars I’d choose Tomoe as my guardian and follow his lead with the same fervor he follows mine.

Tamaki Suoh Ouran Host Club Banner#4 – Tamaki Suoh

From Ouran Host Club

In a close-knit family, especially when it is one of our own making, many times we will give way to the wishes of the group despite our personal feelings. Such is the way of half Japanese and half French, Tamaki Suoh, who lives under the custody of his father, the wealthy chairman of Ouran Academy. Flamboyant and narcissistic he is the founder of the Ouran Host Club and dedicated to his fellow hosts as if they were family as well as entertaining to customers with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. Despite or perhaps because he is a prince among men Tamaki is outspoken and naïve for his age, yet he cannot confess his feelings for Haruhi Fujioka, the boyish girl of the club.

In a world where a prince must get his friends’ approval to pursue a girl romantically and yet is himself the center of hordes of girls’ most romantic fantasies is a place where I’d ironically follow Tamaki Suoh anywhere.

Kyo Usui Black Bird Banner#3 – Kyou Usui

From Black Bird

We make promises to people we love and then however strong our ardor we strive to fulfill those promises. The leader of the Tengu Clan, a powerful family of Yōkai, Kyo Usui does just that, going so far as to challenge his brother, Sho, the legitimate heir to obtain the hand of Misao Harada. In love since they were children he went away, to make himself into a man who can overcome his much stronger, much more powerful, much smarter older brother. A prophecy must be overcome to live happily ever after, but isn’t the faith necessary to do so worth the risk?

In a world where men bear wings and sweep a girl of prophecy off her feet, not for power or prosperity but for love is a love worth fighting for to stay at the side of Kyou Usui.

Genjyo Sanzo Saiyuki Banner#2 – Genjyo Sanzo

From Saiyuki

Sometimes the relationships in our lives that move us aren’t ones of mates or lovers so much as those of son to father or priest to parishioner. Such is the case with Genjyo Sanzo a priest on a mission for the Goddess of Mercy. At his side is Son Goku the cheerful monkey king whom Sanzo freed from his eternal imprisonment to serve as his companion. Sanzo is ill-tempered, cynical with a rather harsh temper when annoyed despite being a monk. Nonetheless he cares deeply for his friends and will do anything to protect them except speak freely of his feelings for them.

In a world where a priest can drink and smoke like a sailor, won’t show his true feelings and yet treats a dangerous monkey God like an annoying son is a world where I’d want to be a companion of Genjyo Sanzo as well.

Sawako Kuronuma Kimi ni Todoke Banner#1 – Sawako Kuronuma

From Kimi ni Todoke

Maybe once or twice if you are really lucky you will be blessed to meet someone so special, so unusual that they will forever shine as a bright spot in your life. My only female character that I’d follow anywhere is just such a person, Sawako Kuronuma. Routinely mistaken for a scary horror film character called Sadako a shy and modest girl is able to open up due to her meeting that special someone, Shota Kazehaya. Accidentally rejecting him because of her naiveté, they grow closer the more he helps her open up to the people around her.

In a world where enemies are rejected as enemies and forced into friendship, and innocence is its own reward, a girl like Sawako Kuronuma is as unique as a real ruby and as worth following.

Manga Fangirl

What characters do you love? Why do you love them? Are they from the world of books, movies, or television? Or are they from an alternate media like k-dramas, manga or anime? Have you ever tried an alternate form of media or are they too weird, odd, different, or “fill in the blank” for you? Do you have similar “real” people in your life-like these characters?

Top Ten Tuesday LogoThanks for reading! XOXO

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters Who X”

  1. KA-ZE-HAYA. The two of them are so adorable as a couple. So tender and fluffy; they’re like angels. Although in the manga Kazehaya does drop for a bit there, ha

    1. I’ve actually seen that anime all the way to the end! I totally forgot about him…such a great choice. I love that he goes between all red and all white…haha. The best of both worlds. Cheers 🙂

    1. I felt exactly the same way you did and actually didn’t like the first few I tried. That’s why I share about manga because there is a lot of stigma on the medium due to them being called comics. In fact manga and comics have little to do with one another. Even American graphic novels are not really like manga. Manga is also made for both sexes, not just men and boys.

      If you want to try them I suggest a shojo manga checked out of your library. There’s no commitment and you can always return it unread. Fruits Basket is one of the best written shojo manga ever written. It would be a good place to start, only if you are interested though. Thanks so much for showing an interest though 🙂

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