S = Singer

Singer from Supernatural

Shut up ya idjit, I’m talking about Bobby Singer, the Winchester brother’s go to demon hunter. Talk respectfully now, he’s just like family to those boys. Whenever Bobby opens his mouth you aren’t sure what’s going to come out of it but you know #1 it’ll be fun and #2 whatever it is will make you laugh soda up your nose.

Sam and Dean Winchester have a tumultuous relationship with each other parting ways and coming back together many times over the course of a season let along over the course of the series. Yet at their center is always Bobby Singer. If one of the brothers is being more stubborn than the other it’s typically Bobby that puts him straight, helps him see his brother’s point of view. That’s the role of a father after all and with the death of their parents the Winchesters don’t have any other family.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Bobby has a vast knowledge of the arcane. Over the years Bobby’s point of view has contributed the best demon hunter solution. If left with just Dean and Sam’s point of views they’d always be pulled to the extreme, arguing that their position is for the best. With another head in the mix the brothers can always find common ground; three points do make a triangle after all, the best spot smack dab in the middle.

My favorite moments of Bobby Singer though are when he’s giving Dean a piece of his mind. Dean is rather self-centered, something I can relate to, and it’s hard for him to get his head out of his…well you know where. He thinks he’s the only one dealing with this and that or the only one who’s ever felt such and such. Dean, you need to get out of your own way sometimes and Bobby is the one to give him just the right shove.

Bobby Singer photo SingerfromSupernaturalwithWinchesters_zps65051b80.gif

One of the worst moments of Supernatural for me was realizing that Bobby Singer’s time on the show was limited. Sure, we were given some time to mourn as he followed the boys around as a ghost and tried to help them out. Finally though it was just his time to go.

With the view of heaven that Supernatural has portrayed in the past I sure wouldn’t look forward to going there myself! Still if we approach it with a Bobby Singer attitude we’re sure to get in the right mindset: “Well boo-hoo! I’m so sorry your feelings are hurt princess.”

Yes, Bobby Singer, my feelings of hurt well up inside of me whenever I think of the Winchesters without your guiding influence. We’ll miss you. Thank you and good night…

Bobby Singer Quotes photo SingerQuotesfromSupernatural_zps968af021.jpg

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