N = Niche

Niche from Tegami Bachi

Have you ever wanted to adopt a character? I have, I have and her name is Niche.

Looking at her you probably aren’t too curious why I love her so much. Sure, she’s cute you think to yourself, but come on, what’s so remarkable about a little girl in a pink/purple dress?

Well, I could tell you how Niche is a child of Maka, a special being who is feared and worshiped in the world of Tegami Bachi.

I could explain how she’s a cross between a pet and a friend. Her job is as a dingo to Lag who delivers mail. A dingo is a bodyguard to protect their Letter Bee from giant insects called Gaichuu, and normally take the form of dogs, birds, and large cats.

Staying with Lag photo NicheTegamiBachi-StayingwithLagpage_zpsb0e33dfc.jpg

See? See? Did you read that? It’s a little backwards reading right to left…oh, I didn’t tell you about that?

Well go on and try reading the bubbles right to left… See?

Isn’t she so endearing? Her logic is cut and dried. I love that I always would know where she stands. And once she forms a bond, like with Lag here, it’s unshakable.

(And isn’t it so adorable she licks you where ever you’re hurt?)

If it would help clarify matters I could reveal her bear-like claws that she hides in oven-mitt like sleeves. Or ask her to show you her long golden hair that can be manipulated into powerful blade-like tentacles capable of lifting things several times her size. 

Most endearingly I could whisper to you how she only wears underwear for Lag’s delicate sensibilities. (She’d flashed him in the past jumping over his head to fight a Gaichuu.) Of course, she only likes to wear Lag’s extra set of boxers, though, their friend Sylvette tricks her out of them at times to wash them (thank goodness).

Mad at Failure photo NicheTegamiBachi-MadatFailureasaDingopage_zps98f731b6.jpg

And her temper…she frequently loses it, even at Lag, and especially when she’s jealous or her abilities are called into question. (See above!)

If you’re curious if I minded her walking around with that little creature on her head…I’d say no. That’s Steak, her pet, who she routinely threatens to eat. At least she’ll never go hungry.

Niche with Letter Bees from Tegami Bachi

…You’re right…

Niche’s home is in Tegami Bachi with Lag and the other Letter Bees and dingoes. I can visit her whenever I want in the pages of her manga. If you haven’t met Niche yet, I suggest you do…you’ll fall in love too.

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    1. I get her on the weekends so we can do fun things! You look like you’d be a good “during the week” mom! (BTW that’s a compliment – just in case that was unclear!) Hehe, thanks for stopping by.

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